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Subsidies for pollock shipments to help boost supply on Russian market
August 22, 2021 00:05

The introduction of subsidized railway charges for pollock shipments to the central regions from the Russian Far East was discussed at a meeting held by the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) Ilya Shestakov in a videoconference mode, reports

Japanese buyers complain of unexpected high prices for Russian pink salmon roe
August 21, 2021 23:14

In mid-August, Japanese importers started purchasing frozen salmon roe from the new season. The Russian product came into the focus first because of the early rise to high catch rates in the Kamchatka salmon fisheries. With the pink salmon harvest hitting a record 393KT as per 17 August, the prices of the first purchases disappointed the Japanese users, since they were almost as good for the Russians as last year's, despite the big current harvest, reports

Russia’s seafood import results in first half 2021
August 19, 2021 14:30

DEFA Group (leading importer) has prepared a brief report on the Russian fish and seafood imports in the first half of 2021 in comparison with the same period last year. It is amazing that despite the pandemic and other calamities, growth in nearly all segments was observed, reports

Fishermen will be able to catch more than 300 thousand tons of herring in season B
August 19, 2021 10:20

Specialists of VNIRO Pacific branch (TINRO-Centre) have prepared seasonal forecast “Feeding herring-2021”. The document was created on the basis of data from many years of resource research of the Far Eastern branches, analysis of field and other statistics, reports.

More than 450 thousand tons of Pacific salmon were harvested in the Far East
August 19, 2021 10:15

The Far East is actively fishing for Pacific salmon: 453 thousand tons were harvested by August 17, which is 14% more than the cyclical 2019 level and more than double the 2020 indicator (99% of the forecasted catch). The development of fishing and the supply of fish products to the shore was discussed at a meeting of the headquarters for organizing salmon fishing, which was chaired by the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Ilya Shestakov via videoconference with the regions of the Far East.

Russian Crab Group working produces high quality products
August 19, 2021 09:58

The Russian Crab Group of Companies today is the largest crab fishing company in Pacific Russia and the second largest in Russia. In 2020, the company utilised the largest package of crab quotas in the Far East - 13 thousand tons, and quadrupled its export volume compared to 2019.

More than 50 thousand tons of iwashi sardine has been caught
August 19, 2021 09:56

Russian fishermen are catching iwashi sardine in South Kuril zone, and earlier this year - in EEZ of Japan, reports.

Supplies of live sea urchins are more active and at higher prices
August 19, 2021 09:35

The activity of imports of live sea urchins to Japan in June turned out to be higher than last year, reports.

Russian mackerel appreciating at St-Petersburg’s wholesale seafood market
August 18, 2021 17:23

As per mid-August 2021 the wholesale market at St. Petersburg (Russia’s main entry port for imported seafood) is displaying declining demand for Russian mackerel against the background of higher prices, reports

In mid-August 2021 salmon and trout prices in Moscow stay calm
August 18, 2021 16:41

In August 2021 chilled salmon and trout from Murmansk have been traded at surprisingly good prices on Moscow’s wholesale market, reports

Prices for fish products from Russian Far East remained stable in mid-July
August 18, 2021 15:26

While the salmon season has been featuring record breaking harvests in mid-August 2021, catches of Alaska pollock, sardine, plaice and squid have been seriously down year-on-year, reports

Production of most important objects in Pacific Russia
August 18, 2021 14:21 experts followed production of most important fish products in Pacific Russia, produced out of Alaska pollock, Pacific Cod, Pacific Herring, far-eastern soles.

An overview of the fishing situation for August 10, 2021
August 18, 2021 14:03

The main objects of the fishery in terms of production (catch): Alaska pollock - 1166 thousand tons (the share of the catch is 58.4%); cod - 111,270 tons; Pacific herring - 204 thousand tons (46% of TAC plus recommended catch); Far Eastern flounders - 31,290 tons, reports.

The development of investment quotas program was discussed by the participants of the round table
August 18, 2021 12:47

At Far East and the Arctic Development Corporation (KRDV), with the support of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, a round table "New investment cycle in the fishing industry: business expectations" was held. More than 60 representatives of the largest companies in the fishing industry, authorities of the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District, the Federal Agency for Fishery, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the United Shipbuilding Corporation, and industry associations participated in the event, reports.

Major fishing company ships for export straight from Vladivostok
August 18, 2021 00:35

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has switched to direct shipments of seafood products in refrigerated containers to Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia by sea from the port of Vladivostok. Previously, the routine would be to ship to these regions exclusively through the ports of Korea and China, reports


Russia and China bargaining over market access versus pollock quotas
August 18, 2021 00:22

Russia and China are discussing access for Russian trampers to Chinese ports in apparent conjunction with the Russian offer for the Chinese to buy pollock fishing quotas, reports


Domestic whitefish supply from Murmansk featuring strong prices for mackerel
August 17, 2021 16:11

As per mid-August 2021 Murmansk wholesale market is displaying rising prices for mackerel harvested by the Russian fleets, reports

Government preparing draft law on "On the Closed Cycle Economy"
August 15, 2021 00:23

The Cabinet has approved the proposal of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation to develop a separate federal draft law "On the Closed Cycle Economy" in the Russian Federation. The future law will affect many industries including the fishery products sector, reports

Chukotka-based fishing company sold for $63 million
August 15, 2021 00:09

JSC "Chukotrybpromkhoz" owned by the regional government has been sold by auction with the starting price exceeded by 2 billion rubles mostly due to the quota shares it owns until the year 2033 for fishery in the Russian Far East, reports


Sixth annual voyage along Northern Sea Route underway to deliver Pacific salmon
August 14, 2021 23:52

On August 13, 2021, the Symphony transport reefer, owned by the Dobroflot Group of Companies, began the sixth annual expedition along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) to deliver pacific salmon from the Russian Far East to Arkhangelsk, reports


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