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Tilapia raw material trend
July 2, 2024 05:45

Mid-June trend on tilapia market in China 

Salmon season 2004 took off in Russia
June 6, 2024 16:45

On June 1, salmon fishery took off in the Kamchatka Territory, a leading salmon production region in Russia.

Russia’s top producer of farmed fish reported increase in financial results for 2023
March 22, 2024 10:20

PJSC INARСTIСA, the largest Russian company in the commercial aquaculture, announced audited financial results for the year 2023.

Laplandia chain thinking of entering offline trade in Russia
January 29, 2024 16:57

Laplandia Market, a Finnish hypermarket chain, is considering options for launching its own retail store in St. Petersburg for trading imported products and household goods.

Happy New Year from FISHNET
December 27, 2023 15:47

Russia on holiday until 9 January 2024.

Fish and seafood exports from Russia jumped nearly one third
December 22, 2023 17:11

From January 1 to December 15, 2023, exports of fish and seafood from Russia amounted to 2.08 million metric tons, according to the customs statistics and the Rosselkhoznadzor's Argus information system.

RFC young specialists got the professionals bronze
December 8, 2023 16:23

The Russian Fishery Company team successfully competed in the nationwide final of the Professionals Championship, held from November 24 to 28 in St. Petersburg. RFC sailors participated in the Operation of Water Transport Vessels category among young specialists and secured bronze medals at the Championship.

Top 5 seafood import articles on the Russian market
November 24, 2023 16:52

For 10 months of 2023, the import of fish products to the Russian market reached 465 thousand tons worth $ 1.9 billion. In weight, imports are 26% higher year-on-year, and in money — by 15%, according to the Analytical Center of the Fish Union. This dynamic is mainly due to the effect of the low base last spring.

China lifted restrictions for wild fish supplies from Russia
November 10, 2023 17:09

The Chinese authorities have allowed the supply of wild fish from Russia.

Results of Russian fish and seafood imports in January-September 2023
October 27, 2023 17:11

In January-September 2023 Russian finfish and other seafood imports jumped by 36% in value and 48% in volume year-on-year, according to the recent market analysis of Defa group – a fish and seafood supplier based in Saint Petersburg. 

Chinese Customs giving greenlight to more Russian fish exporters
October 23, 2023 16:47

China’s General Customs Administration has expanded the list of Russian seafood entities approved for export to the country.

Russia's salmon catch went over 600 thousand MT
October 6, 2023 17:00

By October 3, 2023, the volume of Pacific salmon production in the Russian Far East exceeded 600 thousand metric tons — the catch has already surpassed the results of several recent years.

Russian vets and Chineses customs giving greenlight to all types of Russian seafood
September 28, 2023 16:33

Rosselkhoznadzor and the Main Customs Administration of the People's Republic of China signed a protocol to expand the list of fish products that can be supplied from Russia to China.

Russia winning US share on Asian market of surimi
September 8, 2023 09:32

Russia has noticeably increased supplies of surimi (raw material for crab sticks) to China and South Korea as a result of consumer saving trend. The USA is the leading supplier of surimi to Asia, but lower prices let Russia win some of its competitor’s market share.

Salmon season 2023 succeeding in Russia
August 25, 2023 10:36

By August 22, 2023, the Pacific salmon catch in Russia reached 545 thousand tons - 16.4% up on last odd year 2021 and 2.7 times fold on 2022. Last year by August 22 the Russian fishermen harvested 202.6 thousand tonnes of salmon.

Results of Russian fish and seafood imports in 1st half 2023
July 20, 2023 16:41

In January-June 2023 Russian finfish and other seafood imports jumped by 54% year-on-year, both in value and in volume, according to the recent market analysis of Defa group – a fish and seafood supplier based in Saint Petersburg. 

Trends of Russian fish exports to China
July 7, 2023 15:43

All-Russian Association of Fisheries Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Exporters (VARPE) has completed the analysis of export supplies of Russian fish products in key markets in the first quarter of 2023.

Pacific salmon catch in Russia exceeded 3.6 thousand MT
June 29, 2023 10:49

By June 21, 2023, the total catch of Pacific salmons in the Far East exceeded 3.6 thousand metric tons, plus 43% on the corresponding result of the odd year 2021.

Fish stocks in Russia’s Far East inspiring optimism
June 2, 2023 16:57

The current condition of the fish stocks make the Russian scientists recommend higher allowable catches of Alaska pollock and herring in the Far East Basin in 2024 — such optimistic forecast was given by Evgeny Ovsyannikov representing the Pacific branch of VNIRO fishery research institute at a scientific and practical forum in Vladivostok.

Fish Union and X5 Group developing cooperation
May 26, 2023 17:07

X5 Group, the leading food retail company in Russia, held a meeting with the Fish Union which unites Russian seafood producers and processors.

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