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The guide covers 70 species, 23 fishing areas and 6 fishery basins.
Along with the TACs of particular species by areas the guide also shows the stock abundance dynamics year-on year by species and fishing areas.
TAС changes are among important indicators of Russia's supply trends.
Complete Guide of TACs 2020-2021 for the Russian fisheries



Russian Companies' Fishing Quotas 2020
  • Which Russian companies have the largest fishing quotas in the Barents Sea?
  • Which ones can catch pollock and crab in Kamchatka?
  • Who can harvest various fish and shellfish in the Russian Far East?
  • How much of the total whitefish quotas was allocated to Russian Fishery Company, Norebo, Okearybflot in 2020?

This report offers a full breakdown of Russia's offshore and inshore fishing quotas for 2020.

It is in MS Excel format and lets you arrange the data by species, companies,
fishery area, tonnage, or quota share. 

This is your complete guide to Who's Who in Russia’s 2020 fishing.
Sortable E-Guide of Russian Companies' offshore
and inshore quotas for fishery in 2020



Sortable E-Guide of Russian Companies' offshore and inshore quotas for fishery in 2020

12-months access to Russian Fish Report archive



Russian Fish Report coverpage

For 300 euros only you will get access to 127 issues of the Russian Fish Report e-monthly from March 2002 to December 2018.

The Russian Fish Report is a professional information bulletin covering all aspects of the Russian fishery industry such as:

  • supply from Russian Far East Fisheries Basin (fishery progress, catch quotas, TAC, etc.);
  • supply from Murmansk-led North Fisheries Basin (fishery progress, catch quotas, TAC, etc.);
  • main fishing quota holders for commercial fishery;
  • summary of relevant news and regulations;
  • Russia's seafood import/export statistics with top players survey;
  • vet control update (approvals and bans of suppliers, product alerts, etc.), government regulations summary and other relevant issues
  • progress and outlook for seafood export from Russian Far East;
  • key markets for fish products from Russian and American Pacific fisheries, etc.

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