Member of Dobroflot Group building logistics complex

September 6, 2021 00:53

An important project for Primorye province (capital Vladivostok) is being implemented in the "Big Stone" territory of advanced development by JSC "RK "Novy Mir", a subsidiary of the Dobroflot group of companies, reports

The company is building a logistics complex that will be used to ensure the shipment of products and supplies of raw materials for the second project of the investor including a large-capacity plant for processing pollock and other fish species with a total capacity of 100 tons of finished products per day. The plant has already been launched, it produces fillet and minced pollock, fishmeal and fish oil.

As a result, the business will be able to reduce production costs and minimize the risks of storing and transporting fish products to the final Russian consumer.

With the launch of the new logistics complex in Primorye, the shortage of coastal cold storage will be reduced. This will also have a positive impact in the sense that more fish products will remain in the region for the development of deep onshore processing.

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