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FAF agrees to foreign-built vessels for krill project
July 14, 2021 08:59

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) has, in fact, agreed that it will still support the resumption of krill fishery despite proposed construction of vessels at foreign yards. Foreign-built second-hand boats are also considered as an extra option for the resumption of the fishery in the Antarctic by the Russians, reports  


Progress of Russian fisheries in the North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic in June 2021
July 12, 2021 00:08

The total catch by the Russian fleet in the fishing areas of the Atlantic Ocean and in the South Pacific Ocean in June amounted to 105.9 thousand metric tons, which is merely 0.7 thousand tons less than the catch in May. However, the progress of the catch in particular areas like the Barents Sea (cod, for example) displayed dynamic changes, reports


Kamchatka pacific salmon season facing cold storage bottleneck
July 9, 2021 14:16

Both federal and local fishery authorities are voicing concern that the unrolling salmon season in Kamchatka may run into a shortage of cold storage capacity, reports


MSC certification to help boost fillet and mince production in Western Bering Sea
July 8, 2021 00:57

The Pollock Catchers Association (PCA) has proved that the pollock trawl fishery in the Western Bering Sea Zone meets the requirements of the international environmental standards of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and on July 6, 2021, the final certification decision on the recognition of the Russian pollock fishery in the Bering Sea as stable and well-managed was published on the MSC website, reports


Newbuilding crabber’s bow section installed in Khabarovsk
July 7, 2021 00:31

Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Plant has completed the installation of the bow section of the newbuilding crabber (design 03141), reports


Russia banned import of some seafood products from Ukraine
July 7, 2021 00:18

In a counter move, the Russian government has expanded economic sanctions against Ukraine, reports


Main engine on newbuilding crabber- live crab carrier
July 7, 2021 00:16

JSC ``Nakhodka Ship Repair Plant '' has performed technological loading of the main engine on a newbuilding crabber- live crab carrier, reports


More projects allowed to compete for investment quota shares
July 6, 2021 15:54

The Interdepartmental Commission for the Selection of Investment Projects has approved six new applications for investment quota shares versus an obligation to build fishing vessels at domestic yards, reports


Russia tightens legislation on foreign control in fisheries
July 6, 2021 09:11

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a federal law providing for a reduction of the share in the authorized capital of a fishing company, under which it is considered to be under the control of a foreign investor, reports


FAF working at full vaccination against coronavirus
July 6, 2021 08:57

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) and the consumer protection body Rospotrebnadzor have agreed to look into mandatory vaccination for all crew members of fishing and transport vessels, reports


Second stage of crab quota auctions being prepared
July 5, 2021 15:49

The documentation for the second stage of crab auctions is being prepared now within the Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF), reports


Anglers to be allowed to sell catches to commercial fishermen?
July 5, 2021 14:26

The largest business association of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country, OPORA RUSSII (SUPPORT OF RUSSIA), has come forward with an initiative to allow permanent residents of coastal settlements to sell their catches to fishing companies, reports


Vladivostok Fish Port boosting revenue
July 5, 2021 00:26

Last year was a serious test of strength, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which severely hit the domestic economy. However, despite the adjustments in the work, in 2021, Vladivostok Fish Port (Vladmorrybport) managed to significantly increase its revenue, reports


Russian importers to challenge Customs in Supreme Court
July 5, 2021 00:08

Domestic importers are facing a situation when the customs authorities will retrospectively charge additional payments based on documents from the Chinese Custom Administration. But such grounds are illegitimate, the Fish Union amalgamating importers and processors complained to a senator from Russia’s Federation Council (Parliament’s Upper House), reports


President Putin signed Bill on Inshore Fishery into Law
July 4, 2021 23:39

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law No. 338 of 02.07.2021 "On Amendments to the Federal Law "On Fisheries and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources" and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation". The relevant document was published on July 2, 2021 on the official Internet portal of legal information, reports


Russian Aquaculture's Board of Directors re-elected Ilya Sosnov as CEO
July 4, 2021 23:14

Russian Aquaculture's Board of Directors has re-elected Ilya Sosnov as the company's CEO until 2024, reports


Russian Aquaculture Company to expand and extend $12 million share buyback program
July 4, 2021 23:01

In early July the Russian Aquaculture Group of Companies (the "Company") (MOEX: AQUA), the largest Russian company in the commercial fish farming (aquaculture) sector, announced an increase in the volume of the share repurchase program, reports


Russian President signs Law on tax exemptions and preferences for aquaculture
July 4, 2021 22:48

President Vladimir Putin has signed a federal law that establishes value-added tax benefits for aquaculture, reports


Major retailer launched centralized production of ready-to-cook foods
July 3, 2021 00:55

Lenta (MOEX & LSE: LNTA), one of the largest retail chains in Russia, has launched centralized production sites in distribution centers in Moscow Region, Novosibirsk and Leningrad Region surrounding St. Petersburg, reports


First batch of shrimp from DEFA stocked in St. Petersburg
July 3, 2021 00:42

Russia’s major importer DEFA Group has notified buyers that as per early July the first batch of northern shrimp Pandalus borealis, caught by its own Arctic Lion shrimper in the Barents Sea, has arrived at the company's coldstore in St. Petersburg, reports

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