Fishmeal and fishoil plant to be built in Murmansk

September 15, 2021 00:39

A plant for the production of fishmeal and fishoil from fish waste is to be built in the Murmansk region in 2022, reports

According to the general director of Murman Seafood LLC Vladimir Khizhnyakov quoted by TASS. the cost of the project is estimated at 400 million rubles (ca. $5.5 million).

"We first built a large fish processing plant and we have waste that we do not want to throw away, but we want to process it into a high-quality product. All the waste that is collected will be used as raw materials. Other plants will also be able to supply their waste. The result of the technological chain will be fish meal with a large amount of protein, " he said.

Khizhnyakov also added that construction will begin after public hearings and an environmental assessment. The foundation is planned to be laid this year. And the plant itself will be built in 2022. The contract for the supply of equipment has already been signed, the construction is expected take 9 months. The meal and oil produced will be used in the manufacture of compound feed.

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