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Russian Fishery Company shipped the first batches of shatterpack fillets to Chang International (Qingdao) Inc., who’s brand of Ocean Gala is one of the top seafood brands in China. Chang Qingdao supplies RFC’s products to the highest end supermarket chain, Ole', as well as to Disneyland Shanghai, according to RFC.


Russian Aquaculture PJSC (the “Company”), a major Russian salmon aquaculture company, announces its IFRS financial results for the full year 2020.

Iceland's Directorate of Fisheries Fiskistofa reports about total catches as registered in the national quota system.

From 25 different boats, 38,600 tonnes of blue whiting were reported last week, which is the second best week of the winter.

Iceland's Directorate of Fisheries Fiskistofa reports about total catches as registered in the national quota system.

Good blue whiting week by appointment came in place and horse mackerel along the west coast

Iceland's Directorate of Fisheries Fiskistofa reports about total catches as registered in the national quota system.

A week a little below the regular from the blue whiting field into the international zone with 29,500 tonnes in the record. This is divided into 23 catches from 300 - 1,950t, which gives an average of just under 1,300.

Fresher trawler Helga Maria was due to dock in Reykjavík at midday yesterday. According to skipper Friðleifur Einarsson, they have been fishing mainly south of the Reykjanes peninsula this trip, which turned out to be all about steering clear of the species they aren’t supposed to be catching, reports Brim.

Iceland's Directorate of Fisheries Fiskistofa reports about total catches as registered in the national quota system.

The NVG herring fishery went towards the end of last week. The blue whiting fields also had a calmer fishing pace this week.

According to an early March statement by the organizers EXPO Solutions Group, the GLOBAL FISHERY FORUM & SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA 2021 will be held on time on July 6-8 later this year in St. Petersburg and registration will start very soon, reports 


According to a report by the Russian fishery head Ilya Shestakov, the nation’s aquaculture has made another big leap to meet the targets set for the sector in the Fishery Complex Development Strategy 2030, reports

Russia’s vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has submitted to the General Customs Administration of the People's Republic of China a dossier on Russian enterprises and vessels that were re-examined for compliance with the requirements of the destination country, reports

On February 2nd, 2021, keel-laying Ceremony of the third crab harvesting vessel CCa 5712LS (building number 503) ordered by Russian Crab Company under the investment quotas program took place at the Onega shipyard in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia in the Northwest Russia). The series includes seven vessels for catching and transporting live crab, reports

The smolt plant to be constructed by the Russian Sea-Aquaculture company has been put on the list of the Arctic Zone’s investment projects entitled to government support, reports

The Russian government has closed the legal loophole which allowed the Russian-flagged foreign-built vessels, never cleared in the customs, to conduct fishery in the Russian EEZ. The decision is supposed to move to RF at least some of the business the boats are generating in foreign harbours. Besides, it should make newbuilding and ship repair in Russia more attractive, reports

A preliminary forecast for the Pacific salmon fishery in summer 2021 as published by the Federal Fisheries Agency, sets the potential volume of salmon catches as low as ca.460 thousand tons. The forecast is actually in keeping with the salmon harvest in 2019, and 30 thousand tons less than the salmon catch in 2018, reports

On January 29 2021, due to commitment to purchase investment quotas, the Oka Shipyard started steel cutting for the crab-processing vessel of Russian Crab’ new fleet. Vessel 5712Р will be the first in a series of three processors, which will be constructed for the Russian Crab within three years. The first crab-processing vessel is slated to put into operation in 2023, reports

Russia’s vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor held video negotiations with representatives of the National Service for Fisheries and Aquaculture of Chile (Sernapesca), reports

In the end of January 2021 Russia’s vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor held talks with the Namibian colleagues on the bilateral trade of seafood, reports

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries signed an agreement on fixing the shares of deep-sea crab quotas linked to investment obligations with the only bidder who applied for participation in the auction, reports

The scientists of VNIRO fishery research institute have produced a preliminary forecast for salmon season 2021 in the Russian Far East, reports

Russia’s seafood import volume in 2020 has declined by 7.9% due to CIVID-19 but several important segments have displayed an amazing growth despite the harsh economic environment, reports

Magadan-based Pacific Fishery Company (Tikhrybcom) is going to take delivery and put to sea trials its new ATKA crabber-processor. The ship has been built in Dalian, China, but kept in this port from sailing to Russia due to COVID-19 red tape, reports

Russia’s vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has implemented automatic processing of electronic veterinary certificates based on information about the catch in the inshore fisheries, reports

With the sales to China on hold, Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries (FAF) is urging the fishermen of the Russian Far East to look for new markets for the “A” season pollock catch. On their part, the fishing companies are also working on ways to handle the expected harvest of about 915 000 MT in a different fashion as opposed to the practice of shipping some 70% of the total to China for many years on end, reports

The development of the fish processing industry in the Russian Far East has gathered a good momentum with several big projects in the pipeline to radically change the current raw material bias in favour of more added value in the next few years, reports

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has launched Fleet Management Digital Center, reports

As the exports to China have run into COBID-19 restrictions, the fish landings in Vladivostok have naturally increased taking the port’s cold storage facilities to the brink of the capacity, reports


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