Big batch of salmon from Russian Far East arriving at Archangelsk by Northern Sea Route

September 1, 2021 22:56

The Symphony transport reefer, owned by the Dobroflot Group of Companies, arrived in the port of Arkhangelsk as part of the sixth annual expedition along the Northern Sea Route. The vessel delivered more than 3,000 tons of pink salmon, sockeye salmon and chum salmon caught in Kamchatka fisheries during the ongoing season, reports

According to the company, Dobroflot has been carrying out regular deliveries of wild Far Eastern fish to the European regions of Russia along the Arctic route since 2015. The six-year experience of the group confirms that with the correct organization of the process, the use of the Northern Sea Route is most profitable and convenient when transporting Pacific fish to the western regions of the country directly from the fishing grounds. Up to now, Dobroflot has delivered more than 20,000 tons of seafood via the NSR.

Before the end of navigation along the Northern Sea Route in 2021, Dobroflot plans to make another voyage to Archangelsk with a cargo of fish from the Russian Far East. The products are intended for sale both locally and in other Russian regions. 

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