Shipments by rail appreciate on record salmon catch in Russian Far East

August 26, 2021 01:01

The cost of shipping fish from Vladivostok to Moscow has increased from 18-19 rubles (ca. $0.24 – $0.26) per kilo at the end of June to RUB 25 (ca.$0.34) per kg in week 34, reports

The spike has been caused by high demand to ship to central Russia with the salmon catch nearing 500KT in late August while the Chinese market remains closed to trampers from RFE due to COVID restrictions.

According to trading sources, an acute shortage of shipping capacities has developed. As a result, the reefer vessels are having a hard time to get their fish cargoes discharged and sent to the other regions of Russia.

In the situation of abundant supply and logistic constraints, pink salmon (gutted, head on) has begun to depreciate reaching a range of RUB 120 – RUB 125 (ca.$1.63 - $1.7) ex-vessel, Vladivostok.

Meanwhile headed chum salmon wholesale prices are standing still in the range of RUB 380-400 ex-vessel Vladivostok, despite few offers on the market. However, the main season for chums is still to follow in the autumn.

Headed sockeye is also scarce on offer while its price is stable in the range of RUB600-630 ex-vessel, Vladivostok.


As regards the pollock situation, it has been stable for the last two weeks running both domestically and for export. In particular, the price for headed pollock 25+ has persisted at USD 1250-1300 (CFR Chinese port).  

Summer herring

The demand for summer herring from the Russian Far East has been moderate with stable prices. The fishermen have been shipping production mostly for export to Africa.

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