Northern Shipyard starts building tenth factory trawler for NOREBO Group

August 23, 2021 00:39

The Northern Shipyard based in St-Petersburg, Russia, has started building the tenth factory trawler named "Captain Sosnin" for Sakhalin Leasing Fleet Company (subsidiary of the NOREBO Group), reports

According to the yard, the vessel completes a series of ten processor trawlers of design 170701, which are being built at the Northern Shipyard under the contracts with the Group.

The trawler is designed for harvesting and processing herring, pollock and other commercial fish species in the Far Eastern Fisheries. A modern multifunctional fish factory will provide almost complete processing of the catch producing frozen fish, fish fillets, roe and pollock liver, minced fish and fishmeal.

The design and working design documentation of the vessel were developed by the Nautic Rus Naval Architects. The length of the factory trawler is 81.6 m, beam -16 m and displacement-5500 tons. Thanks to the 6200-kW main engine, the vessel will make a speed of up to 15.5 knots. The processor trawler has an Ice2 ice class and will be able to operate in ice up to 0.5 m thick. The crew number will be about 70-80 people.

A series of the trawlers-processors of unlimited sea navigation of design 170701, being built by the Northern Shipyard for the NOREBO Group, consists of ten vessels, six of them will work from Murmansk, and the remaining four – in the Russian Far East.

For the first time, a new hull architecture was applied for Russian fishing vessels — a capsule-like shape of the bow contours with an Enduro Bow type tip. This allows to increase the area of the working space onboard and improve the seaworthiness characteristics.

The tenth trawler is named in honor of Viktor Yefimovich Sosnin, who has worked in the fishing industry of the Far East all his professional life, including more than 10 years as a captain of trawlers.

Main characteristics of the design 170701

* Maximum (overall) length-81.6 m

* Beam-16 m

* Speed – 15 knots

• Displacement-5500 tons

* Main engine power – 6.2 MW

* Total production capacity – 150 tons of fish per day

* Freezing capacity – 100 tons of fish per day

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