Russian Crab Group working produces high quality products

August 19, 2021 09:58

The Russian Crab Group of Companies today is the largest crab fishing company in Pacific Russia and the second largest in Russia. In 2020, the company utilised the largest package of crab quotas in the Far East - 13 thousand tons, and quadrupled its export volume compared to 2019.

Last year, the total export volume amounted to about 10 thousand tons of live and boiled-frozen products, including 3.3 thousand tons of live crabs shipped to China, more than 2 thousand tons to South Korea. Boiled-frozen products are in demand in the markets of the USA and Japan, where 3.7 thousand tons and 856 tons, respectively, were supplied.

The company harvests and exports six species of crabs - Red, Gold and Blue king, Horsehair, Opilio and Bairdi Snow Crab.

“The demand for crab meat is shaped by its gastronomic characteristics and the desire of people around the world to eat natural products,” said Vladimir Tulupov, Advisor for Commercial Affairs to the General Director of Russian Crab Group.

“More and more people recognize the taste of Russian crab and become connoisseurs of it. We see it as our task to strengthen the position of a quality, legally harvested Russian crab in the world market, so that the value of this biological resource is converted into profit for the state that owns it. "

Together with the expansion of the geography of sales, the company is working to improve the quality of products: it studies consumer preferences, implements the best international practices in production, and follows recommendations of key customers.

George Nolan, President of the American Great Northern Products Ltd., admits that he is pleased with the cooperation with the Russian Crab Group of Companies: “The company is distinguished by its openness and readiness to constantly improve the quality of products, packaging and service”.

The representative of Arctic Crab, a large distributor of seafood from Spain, where Russian Crab began deliveries in the first half of the year, also highly appreciated the products. Arctic Crab specializes in offering seafood of high gastronomic value, searches for premium raw materials around the world and, after careful selection, delivers them to restaurants and retail chains in Europe and America. The company works with raw materials directly from the place of origin, with products processed on board to ensure freshness. According to Commercial Director Javier Villar Van Reybrook, the crab caught by the Russian Crab Group in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk became the first Far Eastern delicacy in the Spanish distributor's catalog. The products were selected for their high quality and excellent taste characteristics.

For modern consumers, the concept of quality is inextricably linked to the purity of the origin of seafood. This trend is especially noticeable in Western markets. Russian Crab Group of Companies adheres to the principles of responsible fishing, as will be proved by the receipt of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certificate. The company is currently in the process of certification. Compliance with MSC standards will confirm environmental responsibility and ensure that seafood is marketed from a legitimate trade that cares about the conservation of marine bioresources. “We support the desire of buyers to purchase products of “green” brands and are very interested in the welfare of the valuable biological resource population,” the company emphasizes.

The Russian Crab Group of Companies owns the right to harvest about 13 thousand tons of crab per year in the waters of the northwestern Pacific Ocean - the Bering, Okhotsk and Japanese seas. The fishery is operated mostly by its own fleet, which includes vessels for catching and transporting live crab, as well as processor vessels equipped with on-board factories for processing the catch into boiled and frozen products. The products are exported live and boiled-frozen, the main consumers of live crabs are China and South Korea, boiled-frozen crab sections go to the USA, Japan and the EU.

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