Russian Customs to set up intelligent checkpoints

August 23, 2021 00:20

The head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS), Vladimir Bulavin, announced plans to introduce a digital platform that will be used by all regulatory authorities at checkpoints, reports

The creation of intelligent checkpoints is among the main projects for 2021, the head of the Federal Customs Service said at a meeting with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

"We will create a digital platform from which we will receive all the information from all the control and measuring equipment that is present at the checkpoints. And, most importantly, all the regulatory authorities that are present at the checkpoints will use this digital platform. We already have similar experience at sea checkpoints. For business, this will mean the non-stop passage of shipments of goods for which customs risks have not been identified, " Vladimir Bulavin said.

Changes are also planned in the field of the risk assessment system.

"We, relatively speaking, will finally move from the administration of declarants to a more substantive administration of commodity lots. And we will evaluate each consignment from the point of view of the presence of customs risks. We will attract artificial intelligence to the customs service. We have set a task for mathematicians who should solve this issue for us this year, so that in 2022 we would start an experiment and then start fully operating," the head of the department revealed the essence of the innovations.

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