First serial crabber launched at the Eastern Shipyard in Vladivostok

August 22, 2021 23:16

The Vladivostok-based Eastern Shipyard has launched crabber Ayan (design 03141) ordered by the Far Eastern Coast LLC (part of Sigma Marine Technology Group), reports

According to the yard, the ceremony took place on August 20, 2021. This is the second crab vessel under construction at the Eastern Shipyard under the "Quotas in exchange for Investment" program, and the first serial crab ship launched in the Russian Far East.

The yard’s portfolio includes 6 crabbers of designs 03141 and 03140 for the harvesting of live crab and manufacture of finished products, respectively. Two crabbers are being built for LLC "Sever" and LLC "Far Eastern Coast". Another vessel is being built by order of "Voskhod" LLC (resident of Free Port Vladivostok).

Previously, only 5 ships were known to be under construction, but during the event, the executive director of the Eastern Shipyard said that before the launch of the Ayan, a contract had been signed with Amurrybprom LLC for the construction of the sixth crabber with the factory number 508.

The length and width of the vessel are 63.27 and 10.6 meters. The displacement of the crab catcher is 1586 tons, the live crab transportation capacity at any one time amounts to 100 metric tons.

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