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Newbuild trawlers lessons learned / April 14, 2021 08:47, paid article

The Sea of Okhotsk pollock fishing season is over.  It is very important for the Far Eastern fishermen, and this year it was remarkable because of participation of newbuilt ships.  The trawlers have gone through a lot of childhood illnesses, which was expected.  We, at, understand that all the problems will be cured, and the experience gained will be used in the construction of the next ships.

Dozens of Russian firms are going to exhibit at Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona in September later this year with the display focus of the national stand moving from raw to processed fish, reports


Murmansk Region will provide every possible support for the projects of the Northern Sea Transit Corridor and the Western transport and logistics hub of Rusatom Cargo LLC, the branch logistics operator of Rosatom State Corporation, reports


At the beginning of April, two lots of 1000 tons each of Kamchatka pink salmon from the first catches of the future summer season have been put up for sale at the Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange. The terms of the transaction are to be fixed by a forward contract with deferred delivery and payment adjustment according to the market situation in the future, reports


Speaking at a late March press conference, President of VARPE (Russia’s main fishery association) German Zverev summed up the sector’s results for 2020 and voiced investment proposals for the next few years, reports


Russia and China to integrate vet control systems / April 2, 2021 00:10, paid article

On March 31, the Russian vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor and the General Customs Administration of the People's Republic of China) held video talks on the possibility of integrating information systems in the field of veterinary supervision of the two countries in order to exchange veterinary certificates in electronic form for controlled goods of animal origin, fish inclusive, in mutual trade, reports


The Russian fish sector’s revenue and accounts payable are both expected to grow in 2021, reports


Fish increasingly shipped by truck from Russian Far East / March 29, 2021 23:53, paid article

Trucks have already become a real alternative to rail transport of fish from the Russian Far East, especially during the salmon fishing season, reports


The Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) is working on implementation of a project for a massive upgrade of Murmansk Fish Port at an estimated overall cost of 14 billion rubles (ca. $184 million), reports  


The State Duma (the Lower House of the Russian Parliament) has completed the second reading of the amendments to the Federal Law "On Fishery and Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources" designed to switch quota auctions to an electronic form, reports


Within the next month a number of federal ministries will submit a plan to create a fish territory of advanced development (Russian acronym TOR) in the country’s Far East to expand the capacity for processing and transporting fish in the leading fisheries region, reports


The new version of the state program of the Russian Federation "Development of Shipbuilding and Equipment for the Development of Offshore Fields" was approved by Government Resolution No. 404 of March 18, 2021, and published on March 22, 2021 on the Official Internet Portal of Legal Information, reports


The fishermen of Primorye province (capital Vladivostok) are planning to update their fleet with 45 new vessels until the year of 2030, these plans being backed by tax benefits from the province subject to building at the local shipyards, reports


The authorities of Sevastopol, a city with a region’s powers and a naval base in Crimea, have developed a project to create a fishing and processing cluster in this important fishery area in the south of Russia, reports


The chairman of the Fish Union (FU), Alexander Panin, took part in two meetings in the Federation Council and the Federal Agency for Fisheries dedicated to the so-called "regulatory guillotine", the project initiated by the government to slash obsolete legislation in the country, reports


The shipment of fish products from the stations of the Far Eastern Railway (a subsidiary of JSC Russian Railways) in the western direction in January–February of this year decreased by 7% compared to the same period last year, namely, to 82.8 thousand tons, reports


Under the prepared legislation, producers of agricultural products, fish inclusive, will have the right to use a label indicating the environmental friendliness of the goods subject to a certificate of conformity. This will apply to items that are produced with the help of fertilizers, pesticides and food additives that meet safety requirements, and are packaged in biodegradable or recyclable containers, reports


Federal departments are working on the allocation of further investment quotas for an extra boost to onshore facilities. Thus, the government took into account the position of the main fishermen’s organization (VARPE) on the use of this mechanism for the socio-economic development of coastal regions, reports


According to Kamchatka governor Vladimir Solodov, the province’s government is working on boosting the number of voyages along the Northern Sea Route in the Arctic and it is planned that in two years’ time the cargo traffic on this route will occur all year round, reports


Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries (FAF) has announced that it will hold an electronic auction on April 7, 2021 for “the sale of the right to conclude an agreement on securing and granting a share of the crab catch quota provided for investment purposes in the field of fisheries for commercial fishery and (or) inshore fishery in the Far Eastern Fisheries”, reports


The Russian government is preparing a subsidies scheme for the transportation of fresh, chilled and frozen fish, as well as fish fillets from the Russian Far East to the country’s main consumption areas in the West, reports  


According to an early March statement by the organizers EXPO Solutions Group, the GLOBAL FISHERY FORUM & SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA 2021 will be held on time on July 6-8 later this year in St. Petersburg and registration will start very soon, reports 


As of March 2, 2021, Russia’s veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor imposes restrictions on fish feed imports from a UK company due to the GM-content, reports

Russia to give further big boost to onshore processing / March 2, 2021 08:57, paid article

Russia’s fishery head Ilya Shestakov has disclosed plans for a further big boost to the country’s fish processing capability beyond the current targets under the investment quota shares scheme, reports

The new Strategy for Combating Illegal Trade in Industrial Products in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025 was approved by the Government Decree No. 256 of February 6, 2021. The previous strategy was valid for the period up to 2020, reports

The TAD «Kurily» (the territory of advanced social and economic development in the Kurile Islands) will be expanded to carry out new investment projects associated with the fish sector. The respective order was signed by Russia’s PM Mikhail Mishustin on February 20, 2021, reports

Kamchatka outlines ambitious plans for 2021 / February 18, 2021 16:53, paid article

Businesses based in Kamchatka have big plans for 2021 as regards new fish processing factories and fishing vessels, reports

Russia’s pollock sector strategy under fire / February 18, 2021 16:06, paid article

Critics claim that the main stake of the Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries on pollock processing at sea is wrong leading to excessive export bias while the needs of the domestic consumption are increasingly neglected, reports Megafishnet com.


The fishermen of the Russian Far East do not see quick prospects for resolving the problems of pollock products delivery to China and, together with the government, are looking for ways to strategically re-develop the industry in order to exclude a repetition of the situation, reports

Russia to ship up to 50KT of fish along Northern Sea Route / February 10, 2021 00:26, paid article

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries (FAF) expects that in 2021 up to 50KT of fish may be shipped from the Russian Far East to the Western Russia along the Northern Sea Route, reports


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