FESCO using innovative cold chain to bring live crab from Moscow to Vladivostok

March 16, 2023 17:01

Russian Largest Transport and Logistics Company – FESCO Transportation Group – for the first time in the nation’s history delivered live crab from Moscow to Vladivostok in an innovative aquacontainer.

Ordered by the Antey Group the shipment was organised by FESCO’s subsidiary Dalreftrans who is in charge of transportation of goods that require a special temperature regime.

According to FESCO, 619 live crabs were previously delivered from Murmansk to Moscow to a special transfer terminal, where they were then placed in an aquacontainer developed on the basis of a refrigerated container.

Then the aquacontainer was delivered by road to the railway terminal, where it was included in the composition of an accelerated container train with a destination to the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port (part of FESCO). From there, the aquacontainer was taken to the customer's warehouse.

Along the entire route, in order to maintain the continuity of the refrigeration chain, the aquacontainer was connected to energy sources, and when transported by rail, it was controlled by a team of mechanics accompanying the train.

Before transportation, the aquacontainer passed tests and several stages of modernization. The final version ensures the safety of live cargo during transportation by rail, which is confirmed by the local technical conditions received by Dalreftrans.

Transportation in special aquacontainers will allow Russian fishing companies to expand their presence on the markets of Japan, the Republic of Korea and China.

Currently, Dalreftrans and the Antey Group of Companies are finalizing the logistics scheme and discussing the development of regular intermodal transportation of seafood using the innovative aquacontainers.

About company

FESCO is one of the largest private transport and logistics companies in Russia with assets in the field of port, railway and integrated logistics business. FESCO's diversified portfolio of assets allows for door-to-door cargo delivery and control of all stages of the intermodal transport chain. Most of the Group's operations are concentrated in the Russian Far East, which allows FESCO to receive additional benefits from participating in the dynamically growing volumes of trade operations between Russia and Asian countries.

FESCO is the leader of container transportation through the Russian Far East by foreign trade sea lines to/from Asian countries, by coastal sea lines and by rail, as well as the largest port container operator in the Far Eastern region.

FESCO Group owns PJSC Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port with an annual throughput capacity of 5 million tons of general cargo and petroleum products, 82 thousand units of cars and wheeled vehicles and more than 768 thousand TEU.

The Group also operates container terminals in Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Tomsk with a total capacity of more than 167 thousand TEU per year.

FESCO manages more than 130 thousand TEUs, the fleet of fitting platforms exceeds 10 thousand units. The Group's fleet consists of over 1000 tractors.

The FESCO fleet includes 23 transport vessels with a cargo capacity of more than 360,000 tonnes, which mainly carry out transportation on their own sea lines.

Photo: credit by FESCO 

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