Fish Union and X5 Group developing cooperation

May 26, 2023 17:07

X5 Group, the leading food retail company in Russia, held a meeting with the Fish Union which unites Russian seafood producers and processors.

According to the X5 press release, the participants discussed various issues of cooperation between X5 retail chains and suppliers of fish products. Such issues included improving the efficiency of working with the data of the Dialog.X5 Logistics portal. The Dialog.X5 digital platform is an ecosystem of services for business process automation and data analysis, and the Logistics platform shows the entire logistics supply chain of products. For example, with its help, the X5 partner supplier can find out in advance what the need for goods will be for retail chains, as well as predict a shortage or surplus of products in stock.

In addition, various logistics projects between the company and its partners were discussed during the meeting. Among such projects is the participation of suppliers in the Implant program launched by the Perekrestok retail chain in 2022. As part of the program, the supplier's representative works directly in the Perekrestok supply chain team and gets access to forecasting, auto-ordering, replenishment, service, and inventory systems for its product range. The network and the supplier fix interaction goals for the year ahead (for example, the level of product availability on the shelf, inventory, percentage of write-offs, incoming service), and then adjust their execution according to the agile methodology depending on the market situation. Among other solutions considered is the participation of partners in the project for the storage of stocks at X5 distribution centers (consignment storage).

In addition, the participants of the meeting discussed the information exchange between the retailer and suppliers on the development strategy for the near and long term. Such information exchange can be organized on a systematic basis, which will reduce the risks of uncertainty and allow market participants to plan their business processes better.

Other aspects of joint activities were also raised at the event, including issues of self-regulation on the food market. For instance, the concept of creating working groups to solve topical issues was considered.

"Holding such events is important for us, because during such a dialogue we receive feedback about our work. We are ready to discuss and resolve any issues that arise. In addition, X5's portfolio includes a large number of services and projects that may be of interest to our suppliers, and we are happy to tell our partners about the possibilities of working together," said Maxim Arefyev, Director of the X5 Group Legal Support Center.

"We are grateful to X5 Group for an open and constructive dialogue. The key to fruitful cooperation is the willingness to voice existing problems and the ability to hear each other. These qualities were fully manifested during the discussion. I am sure that such meetings will take place in the future, which will allow us to further develop partnership relations," added Alexander Panin, Chairman of the Fish Union.

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