Norebo will transfer new shipbuilding orders to its own shipyard

March 20, 2023 17:13

One of Russia’s biggest fishery holdings Norebo is going to refuse the services of Northern Shipyard (Severnaya Verf) in St. Petersburg (part of the State United Shipbuilding Corporation, USC) to complete the construction of its four trawlers at its own shipyard. 

Four of the 10 trawlers ordered for construction in the USC will be completed at Norebo’s own shipyard Pella-Stapel in the Leningrad region. This can shorten the construction time and simplify the import of components.

Sergey Sennikov explained that the transfer of four vessels "is under discussion with the yard." According to him, at the moment, the first five trawlers out of 10 ordered have been launched and are at various stages of construction, the sixth is at the "hull formation stage", Northern Shipyard should launch her in the summer of 2025. Sennikov believes that the capacity of Pella-Stapel is sufficient for the construction of trawlers of project 170701 (a series of 10 vessels with a length of 81.6 m, a width of 16 m and a displacement of 5500 tons) "both at the initial stage and after launching."

A series of processor trawlers was ordered as part of the first stage of the state program on investment quotas, or the so-called "keel quotas" linked to the construction of new vessels or fish processing plants. Earlier it was reported that the total value of the Norebo contract for 10 vessels at the time of its conclusion was 38.4 billion rubles. That is, one ship on average cost about 3.84 billion rubles.

The representative of Norebo said that the trawlers "differ in equipment, and therefore in cost." But he did not disclose the price of orders that will be transferred to Pella. The initial price of the contract has not changed, he added.

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