Russia’s federal operator accelerated mobile Internet for largest salmon and trout farm in the Arctic

January 20, 2023 17:07

One of Russia’s biggest mobile operator MegaFon has built communication facilities in the Barents Sea for one of the key Russian companies in the commercial fish farming sector.

According to MegaFon, as a result of the work carried out, the company's specialists were able to use digital services and mobile Internet with an average speed of up to 50 Mbit/s. To do this, the operator used WiMAX technology for floating objects in hard-to-reach skerry areas, backwaters and bays.

The operator has provided the territory of the cage complexes with wide Internet access at speeds up to 50 Gbit/s to solve administrative and economic issues of the enterprise, including the organization of video surveillance of the territory in protected marine areas – deep bays or fjords that are difficult to access for humans. To do this, MegaFon built a radio relay channel and also used WiMAX technology for mobile objects. This technology can provide modern broadband access services (VoIP, Internet, TV) in rural, sparsely populated areas of the Far North.

"With the help of WiMAX technology in the conditions of the polar winter, MegaFon was able to provide access to high-speed Internet and organize a broadband communication channel. WiMAX is a relatively young technology. To use it, a number of conditions must be met - so that subscriber devices do not move further than 50 km from the base station and are in its line of sight. It was the use of this technology that made it possible to provide floating cage complexes with a fixed connection," says Vladimir Chuiko, director of MegaFon in the Murmansk region.

A year earlier, MegaFon organized Internet access in hard-to-reach places in Titovka Bay and Kislukha Bay of Pechenga district. Also, in record time, with the help of a helicopter on the rocky shore of the Barents Sea, he erected a 60-meter antenna-mast structure near the village of Ura-Guba. This base station operates in the 2G/4G bands and provides high-speed Internet and high-quality communication to employees, land and water facilities of the enterprise, and in the future will also allow the use of digital production methods.

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