Coldstorage capacity on the up in Primorye

April 6, 2023 16:48

Vlaidostok-led Primorskiy Krai Territory will raise its coldstorage capacity by 37,000 metric tons with a new wholesale distribution center that is being built now.

The regional department of Rosrybolovstvo has agreed on the first stage of the project, which has been adjusted at the construction stage. The project is being implemented on the territory of the Nadezhdinskaya ASEZ (an area in the Primorsky Territory where a special legal regime has been established for the performance of entrepreneurial and other types of activity, which is designed to create favorable conditions for attracting investors and to accelerate social and economic development).

The Wholesale Distribution Center Primorskiy will focus on food supplies in the Far Eastern and other Russian regions, as well as foreign trade operations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

As part of the first stage, it is planned to erect and put into operation a multi-wholesale warehouse and a farm food market for medium- and short-term storage and sale of various food products. The capacity of refrigerating, freezing and dry warm sites of the Centre will be 37 thousand tons.

The construction site is located within the water protection zones of several freshwater streams, in connection with which the design construction solutions must meet the requirements of environmental legislation on fishing and conservation of aquatic biological resources.

The Centre is to be commissioned in four stages until 2026. The first stage is scheduled for the first half of 2023.

In 2022, new refrigeration complexes with a one-time storage capacity of 7 thousand tons in the Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port and 15 thousand tons of Dobroflot Group of Companies in Bolshoy Kamen were commissioned in Primorsky Krai. In September 2023, the dry port at the Ussuriysk railway station should be fully commissioned. In April this year, the construction of the Artem transport and logistics center will begin, which can become the largest dry port and transport hub not only in the Far East, but also in Russia.

As the head of the Primorsky Territorial Administration of Rosrybolovstvo Ruslan Rumyantsev noted, the commissioning of the Primorsky regional wholesale and distribution center will further strengthen the food security of both the Primorsky Territory and other Russian regions, and will have a positive impact on the implementation of the national project "International Cooperation and Export".

Primorskiy Wholesale and Distribution Centre

Photo — ORC Primorye, courtesy of  Primorskiy Territorial Adminiistration of Rosrybolovstvo /

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