China lifted restrictions for wild fish supplies from Russia

November 10, 2023 17:09

The Chinese authorities have allowed the supply of wild fish from Russia.

According to the Main Customs Administration of China, the decision came into force on November 6. These types of products are understood as biological resources in the wild - fish, invertebrates, mammals, algae, with the exception of species listed in the annex to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora dated March 3, 1973, as well as in the state list of animals subject to the PRC security.

The Chinese side has added the category "Wild aquatic products" to the list of biological resources that Russia can export to China. This means the lifting of restrictions on the import of any types of relevant goods legally permitted in the PRC. Supplies, as noted, can be handled by companies that comply with the sanitary standards of the two countries. Russian exporters must be registered and recommended by the Rosselkhoznadzor.

The Russian side is obliged to guarantee the safety of its products and eliminate the risk of infection. Each container from the Russian Federation must be accompanied by a sanitary certificate in Chinese, Russian and English. China also reserves the right to tighten inspections and quarantine, to ban imports against companies that have serious problems during customs inspection.

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