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News - COMPANY UPDATE - Free - Salekhard fish processing plant expanding production capacity

Salekhard fish processing plant expanding production capacity / April 25, 2019 16:42

Salekhard plant in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District is going to expand production capacity by 2020. The project will enable it to process from 4.5 to 6 thousand metric tons of fish per year.

In 2018 the plant purchased 2.1 thousand tonnes of fish from local fishing companies, and in 2019 it plans to purchase 3.5 thousand tonnes.

The plant’s refurbishment is funded from the region’s budget and private investments.

Salekhard Combine is the oldest fish processing enterprise in the District. It produces more than 60 types of canned seafood items and 90 types of fish products, distributed via large retail chains of the Tyumen Region, Moscow, St. Petersburg and a number of other regions of the Russian Federation.

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