Newbuilding supertrawler to process 450 tonnes of fish per day

February 7, 2022 15:44

Georgy Meshcheryakov, a new high-tech supertrawler built at the Turkish shipyard, has arrived in Kamchatka to work for her owner - one of the region’s largest fishing companies Okeanrybflot.

According to the Government of Kamchatka, the keel of the newest fishing vessel was laid in 2019. It was designed jointly by the specialists of Okeanrybflot and the Norwegian company Skipsteknik. This 108m long and 20m wide supertrawler has engine power, freezing capacity and navigation autonomy twice bigger than a large freezing fishing trawler. Its 12 processing lines will daily handle 450 tons of fish. The onboard equipment makes it possible to process catches practically waste-free: in addition to the main products, fishmeal and fish oil will be produced.

Okeanrybflot is one of the largest fishing enterprises not only in the Far East, but also in Russia in general, a leading supplier of high-quality single-frozen value added fish products in the domestic and world markets. Georgy Meshcheryakov supertrawler is not the last new vessel for this company. The second vessel of the similar class has already been launched, it is named in honor of the former head of Kamchatrybprom, later the governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Biryukov.

Through the period from 2008 to 2021, Kamchatka enterprises have invested more than 80 billion rubles (105.2 million USD) in the industry. 31 modern up-to-date factories with a daily capacity of 150 to 445 tons of high-quality and cost-effective fish products have been built on the coasts of the peninsula. As a result, the total production capacities have been increased by more than 6 thousand tons per day and the storage capacity – by more than 46 thousand tons. In addition, more than 5,500 jobs have been created, 27 vessels have been built and modernized.

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