RFC young specialists got the professionals bronze

December 8, 2023 16:23
The Russian Fishery Company team successfully competed in the nationwide final of the Professionals Championship, held from November 24 to 28 in St. Petersburg. RFC sailors participated in the Operation of Water Transport Vessels category among young specialists and secured bronze medals at the Championship.

In the Professionals Championship finals, 62 regions competed for the title of being the "best". RFC professionals joined the Primorsky Krai team, represented by 12 contestants who had passed the competition's qualifying round.

To get their medals, RFC employees underwent extensive training at the Far Eastern Maritime Training Center of Nevelskoy MSU, perfecting their vessel maneuvering skills, practicing navigation, and studying water safety. Practical experience on RFC vessels proved to be equally crucial.

There were navigation competitions on the first day of the championship, while the second day had participants delving into engine, diesel, and pump repairs. All tasks performed by the contestants were practice-oriented. They were created in line with the current demands of industry employers. All championship participants worked on real equipment that was adapted for educational purposes.

«We were doing well at every stage! The skills we acquired in the company were extremely helpful. As part of the Russian Fishery Company fleet crew, our fishermen receive excellent maritime training and demonstrate their professional competencies in practice, as we showcased at the Championship»

Timur Uteuv, an RFC mechanic

«Our team is a blend of young experienced professionals and recent students, who represent the future! RFC agreed to represent the Primorsky Krai team just before the Championship started. Our fishermen's victory is a significant achievement, given that our team mobilized in a short time, unlike other teams that had prepared well in advance. Our fishermen have demonstrated that years of practice is a key aspect of professionalism»

Natalia Datsko, HR Director at RFC

The Russian Fishery Company, a key employer in Primorye, places great emphasis on promoting the fishing profession. The company actively collaborates with specialized Russian universities and organizations to develop its own talent pool and improve the professional skills of future fishing industry workers.

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