The Udarnik refterminal from Norebo will become one of the largest in the transshipment of fish products and comprehensive maintenance of the fishing fleet

October 8, 2022 22:58


The Norebo Group of Companies is implementing a project for the construction of a modern refrigerated terminal in the Murmansk Region. Udarnik will become one of the largest terminals for transshipment of fish products and comprehensive maintenance of the fishing fleet. The terminal participates in the implementation of the project "Northern Sea Route" and is included in the territory of advanced development "Capital of the Arctic".

The container terminal, loading and unloading operations, an automated industrial refrigerator are the production facilities that will provide comfortable logistics and full service for the maintenance of commercial and commercial fleets.

Refrigerating facilities of 35 thousand tons of one-time storage will be located in the berthing area and 10 thousand tons in the rear area. 
The automated refrigeration complex of 10 thousand tons will be launched next year while the estimated cargo turnover of the terminal is to hit 800 thousand tons of cargo per year. 

All accompanying processes will be fully automated and provided with the most modern equipment.

The implementation of the Terminal Udarnik project provides for the phased commissioning of capacities.

Geographically, the base will be located next to the Polar Sea+ fish processing complex in the village of Minkino. Preparatory work is already underway.

The project will provide about 250 jobs, replenishment of the tax budget of the region and conditions for increasing the volume of transshipment of fish products, and, accordingly, for lowering the cost of shipping.

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