Antey celebrates its 30 years

November 22, 2021 16:35

In November 2021 Antey Group of Companies based in Vladivostok celebrates its 30-year anniversary, reports

During the last three years, the group expanded its presence on the domestic market to provide it with high quality fish products. It is successfully solving important tasks for the national fishing industry to increase the raw material base at the expense of new fishing areas, even in the remote waters of the World Ocean, head of Russia’s Federal Fisheries Agency Ilya Shestakov said in his congratulatory speech.

Ilya Shestakov also pointed out that Antey pays great attention to the renewal of the fleet and the creation of a modern fishing infrastructure, and also conducts constructive joint work to combat the illegal production and sale of crab.

Founded in 1991 Antey has developed from a fishing company to a group of companies. Currently, the Antey Group of Companies catches and processes fish and crabs, produces and markets high value-added products and develops mariculture.

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