The first crab processor "Captain Manzholin" for the "Russian Crab" Group launched

November 10, 2022 23:07

On November 10, 2022, the Captain Manzholin crab processor, a vessel of the CSa 5712P design series, which is being built by order of the Russian Crab company, was launched in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia.

According to the company, construction is being carried out at JSC Okskaya Shipyard within the framework of the investment quota program aimed at updating the domestic fishing fleet and improving the efficiency of the development of valuable national bioresources.

The Kapitan Manzholin is the first vessel in a series of three vessels planned for construction at the shipyard in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The crab processor of the CSa 5712P project is designed for commercial crab harvesting and its processing into finished products at the ship’s factory. The key feature of the vessel is its construction according to a project developed specifically for crab fishing. Prior to the launch of the investment quota campaign, both in Russia and abroad, vessels of various functional purposes that were in operation were used for crab fishery. Among the technical features of the modern crab vessel are doubled capacities for the harvesting and processing of catch, automation and digital control of technological processes, improved seaworthiness, a new level of safety and comfort for the crew, higher environmental performance.

The vessel has an Ice2 class, which will increase the number of fishing days and reduce downtime due to difficult weather conditions typical of Russia’s Far Eastern seas.

Live crab series

The commissioning of new vessels will allow the Russian Crab Group to systematically replace the existing boats. In addition to the CSa 5712P series, the new fleet of the Russian Crab Group will include seven more 5712LS crab vessels designed for the catch and transportation of live crab. Their construction is underway in Petrozavodsk in the Russian Northwest.

The contracts with both shipyards were concluded following the results of the 2019 crab quota share auction, at which the Russian Crab Group acquired 10 lots for the commercial crab fishery.

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