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The scientists of VNIRO fishery research institute have produced a preliminary forecast for salmon season 2021 in the Russian Far East, reports

The NAFO has made public the total allowable catch, as well as Russia's fishing quotas in the NAFO regulatory area (North-West Atlantic) in 2021, reports

Vladivostok-based fishing and processing combine Antey is boosting production of ready-to-eat items from Pacific sardine (iwashi) Sardinops melanostictus on its Moscow factory, reports (welcome to our new marketplace

Preliminary forecasts of SakhNIRO fishery research institute indicate much less abundant runs of salmons to the islands as compared to last year 2018, according to SKR.

HB GRANDI’S 2014-15 QUOTAS / September 15, 2014 09:14

According to the Ministry of Fisheries’ decision on quota allocations for the new quota year, HB Grandi’s fleet receives a total of 40,125 cod-equivalent tonnes. This represents 10.67% of the total allocation and is a 0.50% lower share than the company held last year. The reason for this share reduction lies in the weight each species has in the cod-equivalent index between years...

Three of New Zealand’s orange roughy fisheries have together entered the lengthy and rigorous assessment process to be measured against the world’s most credible standard for sustainable fishing...

MSC responds to Greenpeace report / May 26, 2014 10:30

“Greenpeace has issued its eighth report ranking U.S. grocery store chains on seafood sourcing practices....

Blue whiting is now migrating northwards through the Faroese zone where twelve Icelandic vessels have been fishing since last Monday. According to Gudlaugur Jónsson, skipper of Ingunn AK, fishing started in earnest on Monday night and Ingunn’s crew took their last haul on Tuesday morning...

Olympia oysters were abundant in San Francisco Bay until their population collapsed in the late 1800s due to overfishing...

On the whole Russia is happy with fishing quotas for stocks managed jointly with Norway
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) announced on 4th September current that the Ozernaya River sockeye fishery in southwest Kamchatka has been certified as a sustainable fishery and will receive the MSC ecolabel

The recommended catch for saury fishery in South Kurile Zone in the Russian Far East has been given a big boost

Russia has warned it has strong counter-measures and claims up the sleeve should Iceland realize its threat to suspend entry and service for Russian fishing trawlers in Icelandic ports as soon as the Russian catch of redfish in the Irminger Sea will have exceeded 6 624 tonnes

Russian market players are closely watching mackerel quota developments in a hope the stock will not follow the ill-fated blue whiting, to take a recent example

Russia's incorrect state policy as to transfer of salmon reproduction functions to private companies has led to conflict of business interests and strategic purposes on sustainable reproduction and stock-saving exploitation of salmon stocks in Sakhalin, reports

A New Zealand-led survey of young toothfish in Antarctica has found high densities of the highly-prized fish in the southern Ross Sea.

In 2011 Russian hatcheries released ** billion fry of valuable fish species, thus displaying an increase on 2010 by **% or ** million fish, reports

Norwegian and Russian scientists have found new habitats of cod in the Barents Sea, reports

Highly productive salmon population with a strong return rate has been cultured by Magadan breeders after several years of reproduction activities, reports

Biologists from Vladivostok-based fishery research institute TINRO-Centre have analyzed results of pelagic surveys in the Pacific waters of the Kurile Islands and in the south of the Sea of Okhotsk and bottom trawl surveys in West Kamchatka and evaluated biomass of the areas' pollock, squid and other commercial species stocks, reports

Russian scientists have checked condition of flounder stocks in the West Sakhalin subarea the abundance of which has been extremely low in the recent years, as well as the condition of other commercial stocks of Alaska pollock, cod and Atka mackerel, reports

On 28 July 2011 Minister of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada Keith Ashfield issued a statement in response to redia reports concerning Pacific salmon, reports

Fishery Scientists of Vladivostok TINRO-Centre Fishery Research Institute have produced their routine forecast for Saury Fishery Season-2011 and a corrected Pollock TAC for the ongoing season in the Primorye Subarea, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by

Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency (FFA) is drafting an order towards transfer of a substantial underused foreign Pollock quota to fishermen of the Russian Far East, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by

On 26 June through 8 July 2011 an MSC assessment group has visited Vladivostok within the framework of certification of Russia's pollock fishery towards compliance with MSC standards of sustainability, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by

The European Commission today proposed fishing opportunities for anchovy fishing in the Bay of Biscay for the season 1 July 2011 - 30 June 2012. Based on recent scientific advice confirming that the stock is in a good state and above safe biological limits, a total allowable catch of 29.700 tonnes is proposed. The catch limit proposed is in line with the Commission's proposal for a multi-annual management plan for the anchovy stock, as tabled in 2009, reports
The North Sea stocks are doing very well, according to ICES fisheries biologists on recently presentation of the fishing advice for 2012, reports
NOAA today announced quotas and other measures for bluefin tuna that underscore the nation's commitment to sustainable science-based management of this vital fish stock.
The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA) has launched a new website that connects consumers with the region responsible for the world's largest wild sockeye salmon run. The site,, was unveiled yesterday during the BBRSDA Annual Membership Meeting, allowing the fishermen of Bristol Bay to get the first look at the new site, reports

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