Sakhalin to boost chum salmon ranching

March 5, 2021 17:04

At present Sakhalin has 58 chum salmon ranching plants, which contribute to the region’s leading position in the Pacific salmon reproduction in the Far East. The years 2019 and 2020 showed a progressive rise of chum salmon runs to the basic rivers in the southeast of Sakhalin where the plants are located. Namely, the runs grew stronger to 6.7 thousand metric tons (+7.4% above the expectations) in 2019 and 9.9 thousand tonnes (+22.6%) in 2020, reports


According to Russia’s Federal Agency for Fisheries, the salmon ranching plant owned by the Kanif company was the first project built within the framework of the Strategy for the Development of the Fisheries complex until 2030. The plant was put into operation in 2017 and has been releasing up to 25 million salmon every year since its commissioning. In addition to Pacific salmon (chum salmon), the plant also ranches sterlet.

Now the third plant on the Obutonai River is ready, and this summer one more facility on the Onenusi River will be put into operation.

Against the background of less abundant runs of wild Pacific salmons, the stock reproduction activity will serve as the pillar for better recruitment of the salmon stocks, said the deputy head of the nation’s major fisheries body Vasiliy Sokolov during his recent visit to the ranching plant in Nevelsk.


The Strategy for the Development of the Fisheries Complex until 2030 provides for the implementation of a comprehensive project "Salmon Farming" to develop the cultivation of salmon species using industrial and ranching aquaculture technologies.

Consumer demand and bias towards import substitution on the domestic market give big opportunities for Pacific salmon products made inside Russia. That is what makes this project up-to-date.

According to the project, at least 20 chum salmon hatcheries with the total capacity of at least 1.6 billion fry per year will be put into operation in the Far East region by the year 2030. Such extra recruitment will turn into at least 100 thousand metric tons of commodity size salmon per year.

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