MSC responds to Greenpeace report

May 26, 2014 10:30

“Greenpeace has issued its eighth report ranking U.S. grocery store chains on seafood sourcing practices.  Greenpeace’s report downgrades retailers for sourcing species that the organization places on its self-selected ‘Red List,’ effectively calling on retailers and consumers to boycott these products.  We disagree with many of the conclusions in their latest retailer ranking report, including Greenpeace’s inclusion of ‘red list’ species that come from MSC certified fisheries.  In their red-listing, Greenpeace makes broad, sweeping generalizations about entire species, undifferentiated by individual stocks and fisheries.

“Retailers can feel confident that the MSC certified fisheries that they source from are well-managed and sustainable and they deserve credit and recognition—not approbation--for their commitment to sustainability. 

“Every fishery engaged in the MSC program submits to a rigorous, transparent, stakeholder engaged, scientific assessment. A fishery that is MSC certified has passed the world’s most rigorous, scientific standard for sustainability.  Certified fisheries demonstrate that not only is the fish stock sustainably managed, but that fishing impacts on the environment are minimized and sound fishery management regimes are in place. 

“Fisheries that are engaged in the MSC program, and data and decisions about all MSC fisheries are available at:”   

Mike DeCesare

Marine Stewardship Council, Americas Region

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