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19 August 2021
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  • Russian exports of fish and seafood in the first half of the year
  • Russia and China bargaining over market access versus pollock quotas
  • New auctions for crab quota shares to be followed with other valuable species
  • Russian PM outlining new incentives to speed up development of Kuril Islands
  • Sector stakeholders in heated debate over investment quota strategy
  • Russia to join trend to ship fish in containers
  • Sixth annual voyage along Northern Sea Route underway to deliver Pacific salmon
  • Big Groups to invest into ambitious infrastructure projects for fishery industry
  • Russian seafood suppliers getting access to Angola’s market
  • Vietnam’s market opens up for Russian fish exporters
  • Difficult talks on mutual market access between Russia and Indonesia
  • Russia’s valuable artemia stocks need better protection
  • New fish processing plant in Kamchatka brings total to 30 establishments
  • Russian vessels resumed fishing in Morocco fishing zone
  • Khabarovsk fish exporters boost value to offset declining sales
  • Fish exchanges and auctions on Russian government agenda
  • Russian satellite communication system to provide broadband Internet access for fishermen
  • Russian vet watchdog sees potential for more frozen fish imports from Uruguay
  • Government preparing draft law on "On the Closed Cycle Production"


  • An overview of the fishing situation for August 10, 2021
  • Production of most important objects in Pacific Russia
  • More than 450 thousand tons of Pacific salmon were harvested in the Far East
  • Scientists producing forecast for Russian Far East pelagic season
  • Kamchatka boosting seafood shipments to China
  • Supplies of live sea urchins are more active and at higher prices
  • More than 50 thousand tons of iwashi sardine has been caught
  • Fishermen will be able to catch more than 300 thousand tons of herring in season B
  • Prices for fish products from Russian Far East remained stable in mid-August


  • Kara Sea snow crab and Barents Sea shrimp to be managed by TAC
  • Progress of Russian fisheries in the North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic in January-July 2021


  • Russia’s seafood import results in first half 2021
  • Russian mackerel appreciating at St-Petersburg’s wholesale seafood market
  • In mid-August 2021 salmon and trout prices in Moscow stay calm
  • Domestic whitefish supply from Murmansk featuring strong prices for mackerel


  • Russian billionaire moves into Pacific salmon business
  • Major fishing company ships for export straight from Vladivostok
  • Russian Crab Company Group reports performance results for the 1st half of 2021
  • Russian Crab Group working produces high quality products
  • New 12KT coldstore to reduce storage capacity shortage in Russian Far East
  • Vladivostok Fish Terminal received EU number
  • Chukotka-based fishing company sold for $63 million
  • China suspending seafood import permits for six Russian companies


  • PM pushing to introduce domestic CAD systems in shipbuilding
  • Leading whitefish harvester to add longliners to newbuilding program
  • Keel of fourth crab-catcher for Russian Crab Group laid at Onega Shipyard
  • Putin Watches Launch of Third Supertrawler for Russian Fishery Company
  • "Okhotsk" newbuilding crabber conducted factory sea trials


  • Russia’s leading Atlantic salmon producer announced operating results for the first half of 2021
  • Russian fish farmers boosted production in the first half 2021
  • Russian sturgeon farmers increase production of fish and caviar

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