Complete Guide of TACs 2020-2022 for the Russian fisheries
20 December 2021
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The guide covers 80 species, 29 fishing areas and 8 fishery basins.

Along with the TACs of particular species by areas the guide also shows the stock abundance dynamics year-on year by species and fishing areas.

TAС changes are among important indicators of Russia's supply trends.

Note 1: The report has been compiled by FISHNET/MegaFISHNET analysts from the following orders of Russia's Ministry of Agriculture: No.711 dated 19 October 2021, No.601 dated 9 October 2020 and No.610 dated 29 October 2019 as amended under the orders No.636 dated 19 November 2019, No.657 dated 28 November 2019, No.7 dated 14 January 2020, No.65 dated 14 February 2020, No.145 dated 23 March 2020 and No.348 dated 26 June 26 2020.

Note 2: The guide also covers Russia's quotas allocated by the Mixed Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission for 2020 and 2021 (according to the protocols of the 49th and 50th sessions correspondingly).

Note 3: The guide also covers Russia's quotas in the NAFO regulatory area (North-West Atlantic).


  • Sortable TACs 2020-2022 by species and areas
  • Dynamics of Russia's TACs in 2020-2022 by species
  • Dynamics of Russia's TACs in 2020-2022 by fishing areas


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