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News - FISHERY, PROCESSING - Free - Progressing of the Pacific salmon fishery in the Russian Far East

Progressing of the Pacific salmon fishery in the Russian Far East / July 25, 2019 10:27

As per July 23, 2019 the total catch of Pacific salmons amounted to 152.5 thousand metric tons exceeding the respective result of the previous odd year by 55% or 54.6 thousand tonnes.

Traditionally the biggest contribution was made by Kamchatka, where the fishermen harvested 143.4 thousand tonnes of salmon, 65% or 56.5 thousand tonnes up on 2017.

Brisk fishery was observed in Magadan as well. The total catch in the region reached 4.2 thousand tonnes, 1.2 thousand tonnes or 40% up on 2017.

In Sakhalin the catch was about 3.2 thousand tonnes, 1.1 thousand tonnes or 36% down from 2017.

Backlog in catches was also observed in Khabarovsk, where 543.2 tonnes were harvested or 85% less than in 2017.

The salmon harvest in Vladivostok-led Primorye was about 2.25 tonnes, more than 20 times or 2.14 tons higher than in 2017 (0.11 tons).

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