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Added-value products contributing to surge in Russian seafood export value
June 9, 2022 23:57

For 4 months of 2022, the export of Russian fish products, according to preliminary data from Rosstat, increased in monetary terms by 30.8% and reached $ 1.9 billion. 

Aquaculture production in Primorye on a rise
January 24, 2022 15:27

Almost 24 thousand metric tons of seaweed and 17.7 thousand tonnes of scallops were grown by companies based in Primorsky Krai (capital Vladivostok) in 2021. Due to the unfavorable pandemic situation, seafood exports are reoriented to South Korea, reports

Russian vets paving way for seafood exports
January 17, 2022 15:54

Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor is actively involved in the process of opening new markets for the supply of Russian products of animal origin. In 2021, 36 types of controlled goods from Russia, including meat and dairy products, feed, non-food products, and live animals, were granted the right to be exported to the markets of 17 foreign countries, reports

Poor pollock exports outlook for 2022 consolidating agenda for value-added processing in Russia
November 29, 2021 17:06

In 2021 fish exports to China are estimated to amount ca.259.56 thousand tons, almost 73% down year-on-year (971.46 thousand tons), reports

Prices for fish products from Russian Far East remained stable in mid-November
paid article
November 19, 2021 14:39

Headed Alaska pollock, large herring 300+ and herring fillets remained in short supply as per mid-November 2021, reports

Russia resumed fish and seafood exports to China
October 27, 2021 16:29

After a long period when China refused to import Russian fish and seafood due to the coronavirus, supplies to this country have finally almost recovered to pandemic levels, reports

Fish exports from Kamchatka tripled in 2021
October 20, 2021 17:13

Through the first nine months of 2021 fish and seafood exports from Kamchatka jumped three times year-on-year and approximated 105 thousand metric tons, reports

Eurasian Economic Union to switch to electronic vet certificates
October 12, 2021 16:33

The Eurasian Economic Commission has amended its legislation towards the Union’s switch to electronic veterinary certificates, reports

Government to help modernize wholesale food markets
October 1, 2021 17:29

The government of Russia is going to form an integral system of wholesale food markets, rendering the entire range of services for acceptance, packaging and sale of products. The concept of this sector’s development was approved by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin by the order No.2689-r dated September 27, reports

Export prices for pink salmon roe continue rising
September 29, 2021 15:54

In the second half of September 2021 the Russian producers dramatically increased their prices for frozen pink salmon roe from the new season. Quite expectedly, the sellers again commanded very tight prices, showing no willingness to lower prices for the Japanese and other buyers, reports

Russia displaying further surge of fish fillet output in August
September 24, 2021 17:13

According to Rosstat, in August 2021 Russia produced 378 thousand metric tons of frozen fish, 17.3% more year-on-year, but 6.4% less than in July 2021. During the first eight months of 2021, the nation’s total frozen fish output amounted to 2.1 million tonnes, 1.7% less YOY, reports

Chilled salmonids may reshape Moscow’s salmon and trout market
September 2, 2021 00:53

On the eve of September, the preseason trends of the wholesale market for salmon and trout in Moscow are still in the making as chilled and frozen products are competing for shares, reports

Big batch of salmon from Russian Far East arriving at Archangelsk by Northern Sea Route
September 1, 2021 22:56

The Symphony transport reefer, owned by the Dobroflot Group of Companies, arrived in the port of Arkhangelsk as part of the sixth annual expedition along the Northern Sea Route. The vessel delivered more than 3,000 tons of pink salmon, sockeye salmon and chum salmon caught in Kamchatka fisheries during the ongoing season, reports

Shipments by rail appreciate on record salmon catch in Russian Far East
August 26, 2021 01:01

The cost of shipping fish from Vladivostok to Moscow has increased from 18-19 rubles (ca. $0.24 – $0.26) per kilo at the end of June to RUB 25 (ca.$0.34) per kg in week 34, reports

Pacific salmon catch hitting further record results in Russian Far East
August 25, 2021 09:48

Pacific salmon season continues to develop with giant strides in the Russian Far East, reports

Surging seafood shipments by Russian railways from Vladivostok
August 23, 2021 00:11

In the seven months of 2021, 331.7 thousand metric tons of fish products were shipped by rail from Primorsky Krai province (Capital Vladivostok) displaying an increase by 22.3% compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, 46.6 thousand metric tons were shipped in July (+43% compared with July 2020), reports

Japanese buyers complain of unexpected high prices for Russian pink salmon roe
August 21, 2021 23:14

In mid-August, Japanese importers started purchasing frozen salmon roe from the new season. The Russian product came into the focus first because of the early rise to high catch rates in the Kamchatka salmon fisheries. With the pink salmon harvest hitting a record 393KT as per 17 August, the prices of the first purchases disappointed the Japanese users, since they were almost as good for the Russians as last year's, despite the big current harvest, reports

Russia’s seafood import results in first half 2021
August 19, 2021 14:30

DEFA Group (leading importer) has prepared a brief report on the Russian fish and seafood imports in the first half of 2021 in comparison with the same period last year. It is amazing that despite the pandemic and other calamities, growth in nearly all segments was observed, reports

Russian mackerel appreciating at St-Petersburg’s wholesale seafood market
August 18, 2021 17:23

As per mid-August 2021 the wholesale market at St. Petersburg (Russia’s main entry port for imported seafood) is displaying declining demand for Russian mackerel against the background of higher prices, reports

In mid-August 2021 salmon and trout prices in Moscow stay calm
August 18, 2021 16:41

In August 2021 chilled salmon and trout from Murmansk have been traded at surprisingly good prices on Moscow’s wholesale market, reports

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