Aquaculture production in Primorye on a rise

January 24, 2022 15:27

Almost 24 thousand metric tons of seaweed and 17.7 thousand tonnes of scallops were grown by companies based in Primorsky Krai (capital Vladivostok) in 2021. Due to the unfavorable pandemic situation, seafood exports are reoriented to South Korea, reports

According to the province’s administration, 114 enterprises are currently engaged in aquaculture activities on a water area exceeding 80 thousand hectares. Among them such companies as Nereida, Effective Energy and Preobrazhenskaya Trawl Fleet Base grow sea products in large volumes.

Last year, the seawater at the bottom reached 28 degrees Celsius in summer –a very high temperature for aquaculture activities. At the same time, the region’s companies have grown 56.7 thousand tonnes of products, which is almost 8 thousand tonnes more year-on-year. The above figure includes 23.9 thousand tonnes of kelp, 17.7 thousand tonnes of scallops, 6 thousand tonnes of trepang, 2.6 thousand tonnes of sea urchins and 2.1 thousand tons of mussels.

According to experts, due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation and the closure of ports Russia’s seafood exports to China went down, while supplies to the Republic of Korea increased.

The share of South Korea in Russian exports of fish and seafood now accounts for 61%, China - 28.5%.

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