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News - AQUACULTURE / FISH FARMING - Free - Sturgeon caviar production in Russia rising at rapid pace

Sturgeon caviar production in Russia rising at rapid pace / March 15, 2012 16:38

In 2011 Russia produced ca.20 MT of sturgeon caviar, 25% up on the previous year. Annual production of sturgeon meat currently amounts to ca.2,000 MT, reports

Now there are more than 70 fish farms engaged in sturgeon culture in Russia. The biggest producers of sturgeon caviar are OOO Rybotovarnaya Firma Diana (ltd), OOO ARK Beluga (ltd), OOO Rybovodno-Vosproizvodstvennyi Komplex Raskat (ltd), OOO Karmanovsky Rybkhoz (ltd), OOO Rechnaya Federatsia (ltd), OAO Novocherkassky Rybokombinat (plc) and OAO Volgorechenskrybkhoz (plc)

In Russia the most popular cultured species are Siberian (Lena) sturgeon, sterlet and bastard sturgeons (bester, etc.). Russian sturgeon and beluga are cultured in much smaller volumes, and sevruga is practically not used in commercial culture. High compliance and adaptability of sturgeons enable practically all types of farms (cage, pond, pool and closed water cycle) to use them for commercial culture.

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