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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №12 (99) December 1, 2004

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Lower House passes Law on Fishery
Upper House follows Duma in approving Law on Fishery
Approval of commercial capture quotas for 2005 behind schedule
Russians looking into possible resumption of fishery in Yemen
Russia nostalgic about huge horse mackerel catch off Chile
Termination of research capture quotas postponed
Government publishes quota limits entitling boats to fishing
Preparations underway to negotiate US-Russia package deal on North Bering Sea
Sakhalin blasts prospects of Russia-Japanese deal on South Kurile Islands
Association commissions redundant quota search system
Producers and Exporters organization coming forward as exclusive partner of Seafood Russia-2005
Police delivering big blows on illegal operators in the Russian Far East
Russia and Norway approve long-term fishery research plan
Murmansk Fish Port moving closer to free zone
Law provides for mandatory landing of inshore catch
Sales of Santa Bremor to Russia exceed US$36 million
MCL links Vladivostok container terminal with main seafood markets
PBTF boosting production of canned saury and pull ring items
Murmansk carton manufacturer commissioning modern line
Fishery in the Russian Far East to November 2004 inclusive
No time for full use of boosted pollock quota in the Bering Sea
Border Guard cracks down on poacher crabbers
Saury quota gets a considerable boost
Murmansk cod and haddock fishery too slow
Red king crab inshore quota shares for 2004-2008 sold by auction in Moscow
Government earns RUR1.334 billion from auction of offshore quota shares of red king crab
Sakhalin and St. Petersburg behind buyers of red king quota shares offshore
Inshore cod quotas in North Basin up for part redistribution to offshore
Russia and Norway planning exploitation of Greenland seal TAC in 2005
Freshwater fisheries
Pikeperch season in the Russian Northwest behind last year
Arkhangelsk operator to fish for cod with new inshore boats
Freshrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and Moscow in early December 2004
Government boosts Alaska pollock TAC in the West Bering Sea zone
Approved TAC 2005 for Alaska pollock short of expectations
Mixed trends in the TAC 2005 for the Russian Far East
TAC 2005 signals drastic changes in red king crab supply patterns
Vladivostok exports direct from fishing grounds surging
Russia and Korea agree on Korean quotas
Fuel prices go down to improve fish transport conditions in RFE
Russian squid season ending to determine size of current inventory
Norwegians pay dearly for short cod from Russia
Cod getting scarce in Murmansk
Pacific cod supply short in spite of better catch
More players moving into Russian market of fish preserves
Stock abundance trends
Chukotka survey discovers improved blue crab abundance
Fish farming developments
Farmers succeed with multiple spawning of sturgeons
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2: December overview of wholesale prices
Appendix 3. TACs 2005 in the economic zone of the Russian Far East as compared to TACs 2004 ('000 metric tons)

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