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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №11 (98) November 1, 2004

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Draft Fishery Law moving closer to pipeline
Forthcoming Law extends quota share perspective beyond 2008 and boosts inshore limit
Auction rules for quotas of newly developed stocks or resumed fisheries out of the pipeline
Date set for auction of inshore crab quota shares in the Barents Sea
Open auction of quota shares for newly developed species in RFE and offshore crab in Murmansk
Five-year quota shares lead to better tax revenue collection
Chinese poachers charged with $23 million damage to Russian pollock stocks
New opportunities for foreign fish processors in Murmansk
Murmansk onshore factories boost volume and range
Bare boat charter era on the block
Foreign companies looking for new ways of access to Russian quotas
Bill for control of sturgeon products traffic bound for Lower House
Mergers and acquisitions in Murmansk
St. Petersburg meat supplier boosting fish imports
Atlas Seafood opens huge factory in Estonia to process Russian cod
Biggest state quota holder ABTF goes public
Frozen foods group signed contract for big promotion of its brand
Group wins tender to supply marinated shellfish to METRO Cash and Carry
Kamchatka-based Silver Ocean starts airlifting fresh fish to Auchan
Fishery in the Russian Far East to October 2004 inclusive
Bering Sea pollock fishery in October 2004
Cod and halibut fishery in the Bering Sea in October 2004
Herring fishery in the Bering Sea in October 2004
Mixed bottomfish operations in Petropavlovsk-Commander subarea
Crab and shrimp fishery in the Bering Sea in October 2004
Squid season coming to an end
Scallops fishery progress in North Kuriles
Progress of fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk (herring, crabs, shrimp, etc)
Long-line halibut fishery severely hit by killer whales
Saury fishery in South Kuriles in October 2004
Fisheries in the Sea of Japan in October 2004
Fishery outlook in the Russian Far East for November 2004
Russians start developing untapped squids of export importance
Delay in inshore quota progress in RFE
Russia and Norway agree TACs of cod, haddock and saithe for 2005
No good news for capelin, black halibut and redfish TAC in 2005
Russians get big boost of red king crab quota in the Barents Sea
Russia and Norway forge co-ordinated position on herring
Progress of cod and haddock fishery in the Barents Sea in October 2004
Shrimp fishery in the Barents Sea subsiding
Fishery for roe Polar cod Boreogadus saida still to gather momentum
Russian herring fleet reports results for the season
End of herring season leads to mounting efforts in blue whiting fishery
Murmansk boat does test fishery for round-nosed grenadier
Russian fishery in Northwest Atlantic in October 2004
Russian fishery in South Atlantic in October 2004
Fishery outlook in the North Basin for November 2004
Kaliningrad looks into improved use of high sprat quota
Kaliningrad province steps up control of landings and quota exploitation
Naval yard launches three inshore boats for 15-series order
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Freshrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and Moscow in November 2004
Russians boosting production of squid fillets
Hake substitutes pollock as affordable fish
New standard provides for modern salmon roe preservative
Salmon roe channelled to domestic market
Delayed Murmansk crab fishery causes rise of demand for crab in USA
Outlook for market of squid mince in Russia
Fish farming developments
Russia responding to world’s growing production of farmed cod
School ready to train labour for fish farms
Appendix 1: Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2: Squid quotas by RFE companies in 2005, five-year shares and degree of exploitation of the resource
Appendix 3: November overview of wholesale prices

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