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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №10 (97) October 1, 2004

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Draft TAC 2005 moving through final consents stages
Murmansk owners recognizing new Faeroe Agency
USA and Russia move on disputed area in the Bering Sea
Russian managers tour Japanese seafood plants
Russians and Norwegians join forces to boost fish ports turnover
Murmansk processors want Fishery Law to channel raw material to Russia
Anti-trust service solves dispute between adjacent fishing and merchant ports
Government publishes list of companies entitled to soft resource fees
South Koreans keep access to Russian Alaska pollock stocks
Kamchatka Court rules in favour of Akros in crab quota dispute
VAPRE Association to work more closely with Ministry of Agriculture
Government and fishermen sign tri-partite agreement
Draft Law gets clause on fishery concessions
Fishing companies blacklisted for back wages
Concern over oil-and-gas development prospects in the Sea of Okhotsk
Astrakhan-based Derzhava-Shipping LTD boosts catch and production
Moscow plant makes squid rings from Russian material
Court seizing properties of UTRF-Kamchatka in back wage dispute
Vladivostok-based Turnif PLC opens modern sales offices
More then $10 million invested into Arctic processing plant
Major combine PBTF to pay first instalment of big damage to stocks
Lyodovo launches smoked conger eel delicacy
VNIRO develops encapsulated seal fat outdoing edible fish oil
Owner losing dispute with insurance company
Pikeperch producer INTERAFLEX building EURO 3 million facility
Imeni Lenina Fishing Co-op packing saury from the new catch
Fishery in the Russian Far East to September 2004 inclusive
Bering Sea pollock fishery in September 2004
South Korean and Chinese pollock operations in Russian EEZ in September 2004
Accelerating shortage of Alaska pollock in the Russian Far East
Cod, halibut and herring fishery in the Bering Sea in September 2004
Poor outlook for Korfo-Karaginsk herring in the Russian Far East
Crab and shrimp fishery in the Bering Sea in September 2004
Squid and Atka mackerel fishery in North Kuriles in September 2004
Kamchatka squid trawlers gradually leaving the grounds
Magadan inshore crab fishery delayed
TAC of Alaska pollock in the Bering Sea set for reduced increase
Fisheries in the Sea of Okhotsk in September 2004
Inshore fisheries in the Sea of Japan in September 2004
Saury fishery in South Kuriles in September 2004
Salmon season coming to an end in September 2004
Russian fishery in the Japanese EEZ in September 2004
Fishery outlook in the Russian Far East for October 2004
Progress of cod and haddock fishery in the Barents Sea in September 2004
Bottom fishery hauls dominated by cod
Progress of mackerel, blue whiting and herring fishery in North Basin
Rising Bunker costs hit low margin fisheries in Murmansk
Concern over progress of record blue whiting quota
Shrimp fishery in the Barents Sea in September 2004
Russian herring fishery in September 2004
Russian mackerel fishery in September 2004
Blue whiting fishery in September 2004
Rockall trigla operations in September 2004
Russian redfish operations in the Irminger Sea in September 2004
Russian fishery in Northwest Atlantic in September 2004
Russian fishery in South Atlantic in September 2004
Fishery outlook for October 2004 in the North Basin
Producer launching Russia’s biggest plant for manufacture of vacuum packs
Murmansk and Norwegian yards co-operate in repairing Russian vessels
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Freshrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and Moscow in October 2004
Fast growth of Russian shrimp and crabsticks market
Norwegian exports to Russia to set new record
Ukraine’s new vet rules hit 10,000 tonnes of Russian herring
Salmon roe demand/supply situation puts sellers in strong position
Russian supply of red king crab to materialize in October
Pacific squid stock untapped in spite of good demand
Russian companies planning to move into Europe
Fish farming developments
ADLER Breeding Company boosts disease-free live trout output
Leningrad Oblast to build well boats and a fish feed plant
Restocking maintains good abundance of whitefish in largest Siberian Lake
Further private hatcheries consolidating Sakhalin’s leadership in restocking of Pacific salmons
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2: Recent price and volume trends of Russian seafood exports to Japan
Appendix 3: October overview of wholesale prices

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