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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №7 (94) July 1, 2004

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Putin concerned with domination of raw material exports versus value-added imports
Kamchatka negotiates supplying fresh fish to Auchan supermarket chain
Vladivostok preparing big expedition to distant grounds
Euro 60 million processing plant to be built in Taganrog
Vladivostok forum to help develop fishery industry infrastructure
Russia and Norway extending fishery control agreement for Grey Zone
Association of Murmansk processors boosting ranks
Moscow-based wholesaler Varyag LTD buys from Norway and Scotland
Authorities reject license applications for at sea transport of fish products
BAMR PLC offsets US$11 million of outstanding liabilities
Fishery in the Russian Far East to June 2004 inclusive
Bering Sea pollack fishery in June 2004
Multi-species fishery in the Bering Sea in June 2004
Squid fishery taking off in Petropavlovsk-Commander subarea
Crab and shrimp fishery in the Bering Sea in June 2004
Fishery for squid and other species in the North Kuriles in June 2004
Roe herring fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk in June 2004
Operations of longliner and bottom netter fleets in the Sea of Okhotsk in June 2004
Shrimp fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk in June 2004
Crab and whelk fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk in June 2004
Progress of fishery in the Sea of Japan in June 2004
New salmon season taking off in the RFE
Salmon fishermen facing power shortages
Japanese salmon operations in the Russian waters
Fishery outlook in the Russian Far East for July 2004
Sockeye run in East Kamchatka behind schedule
Kamchatka sockeye fishery suspended
Vladivostok processors reducing salmon klondyking operations
Leading Vladivostok combine OAO Turnif PLC committed to salmon klondyking
Surge of catch and production in Vladivostok
Progress of cod and haddock fishery in the Barents Sea in June 2004
Shrimp fishery in the Barents Sea in June 2004
Blue whiting and herring fishery in June 2004
Russians mackerel fishery gathering momentum in the Norwegian Sea
Rockall haddock and mid-Atlantic Ridge operations in June 2004
Russian redfish operations in the Irminger Sea in June 2004
Russian fishery in Northwest Atlantic in June 2004
Russian fishery in East Greenland waters taking off
Fishery in the South Atlantic in June 2004
Fishery outlook in the North Basin for July 2004
Kaliningrad deepsea and inshore fishery in January-June 2004
Major combine BAMR PLC drafting fleet modernization plans
Murmansk owners doing big refits for distant grounds
Samsung and Vladivostok yards to build dozens of fishing boats
Unused roe resource promising good margins
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Vladivostok earns more from seafood export sales
Situation on freshfrozen fish market of St. Petersburg and Moscow as per early July 2004
Outlook for Russia’s fishery industry development in 2004-2006
Rush demand for squid on domestic market
Extra blue whiting quota allocated to Murmansk operators
Agency publishes details of extra blue whiting quota allocation
Remaining herring quotas allocated to Russian fishing companies
Government behind with rules for secondary trading in capture quotas
Seafood restaurants and catering
Japanese seafood restaurant quickly gaining popularity in Murmansk
Stock abundance developments
Rich skate stocks off Kamchatka remain largely underexploited
Fish farming developments
BIOS offers complete sturgeon diet range
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2: July overview of wholesale prices

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