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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №5 (92) May 1, 2004

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PM signs functions of Federal Fisheries Agency
Head of Federal Fisheries Agency outlines priority issues
Russian fishery head setting up advisory council of ex-ministers and businessmen
President Putin to look into competitiveness of seafood industry
Kaliningrad Transit System makes Russia member of the EU common transit procedure
New system to improve exploitation of Vladivostok inshore quotas
Russians setting up a big fishery joint venture with Chile
Russia to fish Colombia’s waters
Joint projects with Nicaragua and other Central American countries
South Korea and Khabarovsk finalise deal for construction of big processing complex
Khabarovsk to set up a modern fish market
More Vladivostok firms access inshore fishery through partnerships
Russian and foreign exhibitors confirming participation in Seafood Russia-2005
Value-added producer SP-Kholod starts shipments under 50 million EURO export deal
Moscow Technological Centre boosts exports to Europe
LUND’S Fish of US goes for Russian mackerel market
German importer and exporter Hans Voggenthaler selling warmwater shrimp into Russia
Fish Force Aps looking into trout processing in Kaliningrad
Marine Foods (B.V.) to do direct sales into Russia
Nireus SA hopes to double bass and bream shipments for Moscow restaurants
Vilo AS developing salmon sales in Russia
Spanish importer, processor and exporter Kabat S.L. to tap Russian market
Turkish company Dardanel Onentas Gida San AS to export canned tuna to Russia
Dutch company Jac. Den Dulk & Zonen B.V. comes back to Russian herring market
PBTF to process roe herring products for discerning Japanese market
Overview of fishery in the Russian Far East in April 2004
Bering Sea operations in April 2004
Operations off North Kuriles in April 2004
Fishery in the North Sea of Okhotsk switching from pollack to herring
Longliners in the Sea of Okhotsk focus on cod
Net fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk targets halibut
Shrimp fishery in the Russian Far East facing decline of export prices
Crab fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk gathering a higher momentum
Fishery in the Sea of Japan in April 2004
Fishery outlook for May 2004 in the Russian Far East
Minister sets dateline for the start of Kamchatka salmon season
Dramatic fall of catch rates in Barents Sea cod fishery
Russian modern shrimper displaying good catch rates in the Barents Sea
Good supply of blue whiting from Russian fishery in the Faeroese Zone
Murmansk owners satisfied with results of Rockall haddock fishery
Russian redfish operations in the Irminger Sea hit by rough weather
North Basin fishery for Greenland halibut, skates and redfish in Northwest Atlantic
North basin fishery in South Atlantic (Mauritania, Morocco and Argentina)
Outlook for Murmansk-led North Basin fisheries for May 2004
A boost of quotas for Nenets Autonomous District
Kaliningrad deepsea and inshore fishery in January-April 2004
New owners to add coldstorage to Murmansk yard services
NERPA Yard completes first inshore boat in the series of 16
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Situation on frozen fish market of St-Petersburg and Moscow in mid-May 2004
Government-approved TAC 2004 for salmons in the Russian Far East
Russia becomes Norway’s largest market for trout
Europe set to buy more Russian seafood
Prices of coastal fishery products set to rise
Appendix 1: Overview of wholesale seafood prices in Russia in May 2004
Appendix 2. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 3: Government approved TAC 2004 for pacific salmons in the Russian Far East

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