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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №4 (91) April 1, 2004

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PM appoints head of Federal Fisheries Agency
Accession of Baltic States to EU to create trouble for seafood transit
State Customs Committee issued new regulations for import/export of catch
Fishery Law basic for further investment by fishing companies
Arkhangelsk hopes to boost fish catch
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to part with marine fishing ports
Belarus imposes food tonnage restrictions for transit truck shipments to Russia
Kaliningrad-based importer and processor Octopus plus stakes on wide range
Karelian Seafoods PLC to translate bigger quotas into boosting export and home sales
Leading combine Turnif PLC launching new products at Seafood Russia
Murmansk crewing agencies arranging foreign jobs for some 3,000 seamen
Seafood firms receive Russian Mark quality awards
Kamchatka combine Akros wants auctioned quotas considered in inshore shares
Lyodovo Svetlyi commissioning Starfrost freezing and packing line
Kaliningrad starts manufacture of modern cans
Government-owned giant ABTF facing receivership
Norwegian Court orders sale of trawler owned by Barentsverf LTD of Murmansk
Court turned down appeal of Bank of Moscow in DMP case
Russians find stocks south of Azores fit for resumption of fishery
Scientists discover new grounds on Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Okhotsk pollack season closed with part of the quota uncovered
Overview of fishery in the Russian Far East in March 2004
Output of roe and other products in Okhotsk pollack fishery in the first quarter 2004
Roe pollack fishery in March 2004 in the Sea of Okhotsk
Fishery in the West Bering Sea in March 2004
Fishery off the North Kuriles in March 2004
Herring fishery in March 2004 in the Sea of Okhotsk
Line cod fishery in March 2004 in the Sea of Okhotsk
Shrimp fishery in March 2004 in the Sea of Okhotsk
Assorted bottom fish operations in March 2004 in the Sea of Okhotsk
Bottom net catch in the Sea of Okhotsk dominated by halibut
Crabber expedition taking shape in Kamchatka Kurile subarea
Warming waters boost finfish operations in Sea of Japan
Snow crab opilio and red tanner crab fishery in the Sea of Japan
Shrimp fishery in the Sea of Japan
Fishery outlook for April 2004 in the Russian Far East
Final approval of inshore quota shares in Kamchatka
Vladivostok fishermen happy with Okhotsk pollack season outcome
Monthly overview of cod and haddock fishery in the North Basin
Shrimp fishery still to gather momentum in North Basin
Spring spawning herring season came to an end
Nearly 40 trawlers assigned to blue whiting fishery
Russian haddock fishery in the Rockall area
Russian fishery in Northwest Atlantic
Russian fishery in South Atlantic
North Basin outlook for April 2004
Kaliningrad fleets report catch results for the first quarter 2004
Kaliningrad April operations: greatest focus on blue whiting
Vladivostok setting up consortium to build fishing trawlers and oil tankers
Magadan looking into fleet expansion to provide for full exhaustion of quotas
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Mackerel creates turbulence on frozen fish market in St. Petersburg and Moscow
Kaliningrad importers and processors hit by pelagic shortages
Duty free raw fish for Kaliningrad depends on “ad valore”
Norway to create better conditions for export of raw to Russia
Russian fish leaves Norway for other markets
Leading Murmansk firm developing fishery and market for deepwater species
Marinated products outdoing canned fish on Vladivostok market
Russians discover Vietnam as source of raw material and seafood products
Cod stocks underestimated in the Barents Sea
Murmansk fishermen want transplanted crab wiped out
International conference on sturgeon culture
Sakhalin to improve operation of salmon hatcheries
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2: April overview of wholesale prices

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