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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №3 (90) March 1, 2004

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Federal Fishery Agency replacing State Fisheries Committee
Government publishes quota shares in foreign EEZs and areas under international agreements
Vladivostok puts 39 firms on five-year quota register for inshore fishery
Vice-governor in charge of fisheries resigning in Vladivostok
Kamchatka split over five-year inshore quotas
51 firms qualifying for five-year inshore quota shares in Magadan
Murmansk unhappy about inshore quota allocations rules
Fish companies entitled to agricultural relief programme
Seoul Central Market to build processing complex in Khabarovsk
Japanese region to buy frozen fish direct from Kamchatka
Russia working at fishery agreement with Senegal and Guinea
Russia and Iran signed memorandum on co-operation
Big companies dwindle in number in the Russian Far East
Lack of inspectors at sea delays transhipments of Alaska pollack catch
Privatisation of Murmansk fishing port indefinitely postponed
Murmansk Consortium shortens chain to the buyer
Arkhangelsk Trawler Fleet Base buys $31million worth of supplies
Foreign creditors struggle to keep Karelrybflot afloat
Delsy-S uses German plant and Icelandic raw to launch new capelin roe product
Leading St. Petersburg cannery Pischevik PLC continues to modernize
Lyodovo Group to supply METRO Cash & Carry
Five-year quota shares reviving OGUP Magadan Fishing and Processing Company
Troubled Dalmoreproduct gets 80,000 tonnes of fishing quotas
Nakhodka leading combine BAMR PLC to streamline workforce
Norwegian saithe beefing up fillet production at Murmansk Fish Plant
Kamchatka Court verdict to cost poacher millions of US dollars
Creator of UTRF-Kamchatka under police investigation
800,000 tonnes of valuable stocks left unexploited in the Russian Far East
Good prospects for greater pollack quotas in the Bering Sea
Okhotsk pollack abundance to bounce back from bottom
Scientists discover two strong classes of Okhotsk pollack
Record-breaking TAC forecast for salmons in 2004
Relatively good even year for Sakhalin salmon fishery
Bleak outlook for Okhotsk herring stocks
Capelin stock on the rise in North Sea of Okhotsk
Good saury abundance calls for greater catch
Sharp reduction of Olyutorsk herring TAC
Red king crab TAC off West Kamchatka indicative of possible ban
Bleak outlook for pollack and flatfish in Sakhalin-Kuriles region
Baltic fishermen may harvest tuna in the Russian Far East
Russia hopes for a big boost of quotas in Morocco’s EEZ
Supply gap generating in the Russian Far East
Polack fishery and roe production to February 2004 inclusive
Bering Sea pollack fishery closed
Outlook for Okhotsk pollack fishery in March 2004
RFE herring fishery to February 2004 inclusive
Shrimpers start fishery in Kamchatka-Kurile subarea
Cod and halibut fishery to February 2004 inclusive
Outlook: line cod down, trawl hauls up
South and North Kurile fishery to February 2004 inclusive
Crab, shrimp and squid fishery in the Sea of Japan to February 2004 inclusive
Big boost of efforts in cod and haddock fishery
Shrimp fishery in February 2004
Spring spawning herring fishery on the rise in the Norwegian Sea
Situation stabilizing in blue whiting fishery off Rockall
Fishery in the Northwest Atlantic in February 2004
Fishery in South Atlantic in February 2004
North Basin outlook for March 2004
Roe lumpfish season restarts on 2,000 tonnes quota
Vladivostok yards boast of portfolio for five years of building
Trawler Gorek’s factory refurbished to European standard
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Vladivostok exports from fishing grounds reduced
Price quotes for pollack on the rise
Surge of production of fillets and canned fish in the Russian Far East
Good supply of imported and Russian frozen fish in St. Petersburg
Railways to ship fish products at considerably cheaper rates
Russian Railways ready to ship 400,000 tonnes of Vladivostok fish products
Lithuanian Railways increased charges for Russian shipments
Murmansk firms pool to start one more cod farm
First cod farm to complete cage stocking
Russia reports results of restocking in 2003
Sturgeon releases behind target in the Caspian Sea
Pacific salmons releases ahead of target
Good results of North Atlantic salmon restocking in 2003
Russians use eggs of Caspian sturgeons to restock Sea of Azov
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2: Provisional economic indices for the fishery industry of the Russian Far East in 2003 versus 2002
Appendix 3: company quota shares in the allocations available under international agreements of the Russian Federation (listed by species)
Appendix 4: Company quota shares in foreign EEZs and areas under international agreements (listed by fishing zone)
Appendix 5: March overview of wholesale prices

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