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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №2 (89) February 1, 2004

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Company quotas for 2004 finalised
5-year shares translated into quotas 2004 for Arkhangelsk fleets
Five-year inshore quota shares subject to mandatory landing in Russia
Russia’s fishery head highlights policy priorities
Work on Fishery Law resumed
Fishermen to contribute to administrative reform of the government
Ex-boss of Turnif plc appointed deputy head of State Fisheries Committee
Main players in Vladivostok set to take over assets and buy extra vessels
Processors and fishermen join forces to modernise onshore facilities
Northerners prepared to compromise over lost quotas
Owners of insufficient quota shares are forming partnerships
Boycott of bad wage record vessels in bare boat charter extended
Norwegians seeking business partners in Russian fishery industry
Deputy fishery head to represent industry in Russian-North Korean commission
Russia and Namibia to encourage joint ventures
Russian Far East ready to introduce electronic fishing permits
Russian sturgeon products to be retailed with CITES label
Management of fishery industry subject to change within national government reform
Recreational fishery falling under tougher control
Fishery policing system under review
Vladivostok sets targets for the next six years
Vladivostok officials want catches to be landed for processing in Russia
Kamchatka: confusion over offshore quota shares for MRS small boats
$60 million dollars charges versus Chukotryba
Crab quota abuse case heard in Moscow City Court
Kamchatka mosquito fleet denied fishing opportunities
Crab meat selling at up to $70 per kilo in Murmansk
Chamber of commerce legalizing new trading terms
Murmansk fishing port raising some service charges
Governor highlights issue of foreign employment contracts for Russian seamen
Major Kamchatka co-op to invest $8.5 million saved on cheaper quotas
National Fish Resources confirm participation in Russian Seafood Forum
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsky Fish Plant raises more capital
Okeanrybflot to buy more quotas on secondary market
Creditor interest in Dalmoreproduct refuelled by 5-year quota shares
UTRF-Kamchatka failed to inherit quotas of troubled parent
Kamchatka-based Bolsheretskoe ltd gets no quotas
Murmansk troubled firms get no quota shares
Murmansk Fish Plant hit by shortage of raw
Troubled ABTF combine pins hopes on credit
Successful tests for Bon Appetit smoked shellfish line
Fishermen of Russian Far East report good situation and first roe production
Forecast of Okhotsk pollack harvest in the first quarter 2004
Forecast of Okhotsk pollack production opportunities
Pacific cod harvest in the first quarter 2004
Flounder harvest in the first quarter 2004
Atka mackerel and squid harvest in the first quarter 2004
Miscellaneous species harvest in the first quarter 2004
Kamchatka started fishery out of five-year quota shares
Kamchatka stakes on roe pollack
Fishermen missing saffron cod winter fishery
Delay of fishery leads to cod supply gap
Failure of expeditionary fishery in North Atlantic
Smooth start for South Atlantic Fishery
Five-year quotas of transplanted king crab to be auctioned by European-Asian Exchange
Outlook for February 2004
Blue whiting quotas 2004 finalised
Delay of quotas causing blue whiting supply gap
Murmansk private companies get increased quotas in 2004
Fishermen need dedicated operation to prospect distant grounds
St. Petersburg catch exceeded 4,000 tonnes
Tender for construction of 12 seiners in the pipeline
NERPA yard discussing potential orders for inshore vessels
Vladivostok engineers improve fishmeal process
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Holders of five-year quota shares encouraged by good outlook for Bering Sea pollack
Norwegian and Scottish vessels land more frozen fish for Moscow and St. Petersburg
Raafisklag auction may handle Russian frozen fish
Modern seafood complex to replace district peasant market in Moscow
Kamchatka happy with inshore quotas
Russians chase foreign leader on Moscow frozen foods market
Vladivostok to add about 2000 ha of aquaculture sites
Vladivostok oyster transplant to Ukraine delayed
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2: February overview of wholesale prices
Appendix 3. Quotas of companies of the Russian Far East for 2004.
Catch quotas 2004 for commercial fisheries in the Russian Far East Basin on the continental shelf and in the national EEZ broken down between the users of Primorsky Krai (capital Vladivostok) Appendix 1 to the order No.17 of the State Fisheries Committee dated 9 January

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