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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №1 (88) January 1, 2004

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Russia starting first season under five-year quota shares
Tender to select exchange house for sale of new quota shares
Companies unhappy with minimum quota rule
Exhibition specialists lured to Russia by growing business opportunities
Russian fishery head leaves “for another job”
Murmansk man to represent Kaliningrad in Duma
Russia prepared to extend fisheries agreement with the USA
Belarus and Kaliningrad to build fish harbour
Russians looking into deepwater stocks
Moroz-PLP adds 4000 tonnes of fish storage to its terminal
Preobrazhensky Combine stakes on canned herring fillets
Norwegian herring fillets contribute to success of Raptika brand of Russian best processor
Chinese firm goes for Russian market
Nakhodka-based KVEN awarded ISO 9001-2001 certification
Once biggest agar-agar plant getting new lease of life
Sakhalin-based exporter to boost fleet and areas of operation
Iris-1 processor making an emphasis on deli seafood
Leading Kamchatka combine in court over quotas
Dalmoreproduct to remain in administration for another half a year
RFE statistics for twelve months confirms rise of catch in 2003
Alaska pollack fishery to December inclusive
Shrimp fishery to December
Herring fishery to December
Mixed bottom fish operations to December
Crab harvest to December inclusive
Halibut harvest to December inclusive
Flatfish harvest to December inclusive
Miscellaneous fisheries in the Kurile to December inclusive
Mixed fisheries in the Sea of Japan and in the Japanese EEZ to December inclusive
Delayed start of the season brings losses for fishing fleets
Cod quota exhausted, haddock short of target
Shrimp catch to December inclusive
Roe Polar cod fishery to December inclusive
Blue whiting fishery to December inclusive
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries focus on halibut, redfish and skates
South Atlantic Fisheries to December
Outlook for 2004
Streamlining consortium plans switch to more efficient boats
Vyborg yard launched large seiner for Norwegian customer
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Government approved overall quotas for commercial fishery and other quota categories
Moscow and St. Petersburg: late start of 2004 season results into shortages and price rises
Outlook for 2004 clouded by smaller pollack TAC
Estonia and Russia keep valuable freshwater TACs unchanged
Russia lists aquaculture among priorities in 2004
Chukotka to build salmon hatchery
Appendix 1. North Basin cod quota shares for 2004-2008
Appendix 2. List of winners who have completely paid for the lots purchased at catch quota auctions in 2003
Appendix 3: Overall quotas 2004 for capture of aquatic biological stocks for commercial purposes on the continental shelf and in the Russian EEZ, except for the Baltic and Black Seas, as well in the areas under the jurisdiction of the Russian-Norwegian Mixed Fisheries Commission
Appendix 4: Quotas 2004 as broken down between the coastal provinces for capture of aquatic biological stocks for the commercial purposes in the inland marine waters, in the territorial sea, on the continental shelf and in the Russian EEZ in the Baltic and Black Seas, as well as in the Sea of Azov and in the Caspian Sea and in the mouths of the inflowing rivers (inshore fishery)
Appendix 5: Quotas 2004 for catches for the scientific, research, training and social purposes
Appendix 6: Quotas 2004 for capture of aquatic biological stocks for foreign companies under international fishery agreements
Appendix 7: January overview of wholesale prices
Appendix 8. Fairs and Exhibitions

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