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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №12 (87) December 1, 2003

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Government publishes TACs 2004
Quota decree signed to unleash rush for five-year quota shares
List of resource fees published
Fishery head sets up interdepartmental commission to distribute quota shares
Committee compiling list of companies entitled to soft resource fees
Quotas for capture of new species to be distributed by auction
Kamchatka fishermen find flaws in new quota rules
Kamchatka collecting applications for quota shares
Fishermen calling for improvement of inshore rules
Fishery Law next on short-term agenda
Russian Customs introducing remote electronic clearance for fleets
New customs rules for marine fisheries products
Government to publish federal guidebook of fisheries
South Korea gets smaller quotas in Russian waters
Russian-Japanese fishery agreement extended
Russia and Indonesia close to striking a co-operation deal
Norwegian fishery newspaper moves closer to emerging Russian bonanza
Murmansk legislature urged to resume property tax exemption for fishing companies
Growth in Khabarovsk fishery industry
Growth in Primoriye fishery industry
New shrimp plant ships first production to Moscow
Next year supply may be affected by new quota system
Russian Far East fishery statistics for eleven months
Alaska pollack fishery to November inclusive
Herring fishery to November
Mixed bottom fish operations to November
Shrimp harvest to November inclusive
Crab harvest to November inclusive
Halibut harvest to November inclusive
Miscellaneous fisheries in the Kurile to November inclusive
Mixed fisheries in the Sea of Japan and in the Japanese EEZ to November inclusive
Outlook for December determined by herring and pollack
Sea cucumber quotas to bring business out of shadow
Cod and haddock supply stable
Shrimp catch falls further with ending season
Roe Polar cod fishery to November inclusive
Blue whiting fishery to November inclusive
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries to November
Redfish fishery to November inclusive
South Atlantic Fisheries to November
Outlook for December
Russia taking steps to reduce overcapacity
Stocks quotas supplies prices new products etc.
Moscow and St Petersburg frozen fish market in December
More fish from New Zealand finding way into Russian market
Results of Russias fishery industry in the first nine months of 2003
Russian external fish trade in 2002
Quota delay hits Russian exports of black caviar
Quotas for export of sturgeon caviar finally approved
Final results of salmon fishery confirm record figures for pinks
Restaurant business
Fast food restaurant wins silver at Moscow seafood cuisine festival
New sturgeon centre taking off in Astrakhan
Restocking exceeds the target
Appendix 1: Finalised TACs 2004 approved by Russian Governments order No.1644-r dated 12 November 2003
Appendix 2: TACs 2004 versus TACs 2003 and 2002 in the Russian Far East Basin
Appendix 3: Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 4: December overview of wholesale prices

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