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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №11 (86) November 1, 2003

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Quotas 2004 to be distributed in December
Resource fees amendment fully passed to clear way for quota reform
Regions to enjoy priority rights in quota share resale
Kamchatka distributing five-year quotas for inshore stocks and salmon
Russian government allocates quotas in Moroccan EEZ
Observer presence to become mandatory during transhipment on the grounds
Border Guards step up fishery policing in the North Basin
Heads of Murmanrybvod and PINRO fired for crab permit abuse
Murmansk fishermen urge government to allow king crab bycatch
Swedes consider investing $50 million into Murmansk Fish Harbour
Korea stepping up investments in Vladivostok
Government struggling to regain control of controversial supertrawlers
Murmansk klondikers freezing Norwegian saithe
Subsidiary of Kamchatka concern boosting crab business in Murmansk
St. Petersburg processor tapping imitation caviar market
St. Petersburg firm investigates potential for cold meals
Reefer terminal closed transport cycle for perishables
Siberian processor tapping Moscow market
Salmon caviar specialist coming forward with Japanese-style snacks
Leading Vladivostok combine commissions modern onshore factory
Moscow seafood complex developing fresh fish business
Murmansk producer adds quick frozen fillets to its range
Murmanrybprom plc declared officially bankrupt
Lack of raw keeps sold cannery idle
Vladivostok fish plant struggling to stay afloat
Russian Far East fishery statistics for ten months
Alaska pollack fishery to October inclusive
Herring fishery to October
Mixed bottom fish operations to October
Crab harvest to October inclusive
Whelk fishery to October inclusive
Miscellaneous fisheries in the Kurile to October inclusive
Mixed fisheries in the Sea of Japan and in the Japanese EEZ to October inclusive
Salmon fishery closed with an edge on last year
Saury harvest to October inclusive
Outlook for November focuses on herring and pollack
Cod and haddock supply to October inclusive on a par with last year
Quota for Barents Sea king crab nearly covered
Shrimp fishery subsiding due to end of season
Late start of season for Polar cod Boreogadus saida
Roe Polar cod stocks grossly underexploited
Subsiding herring fishery plagued by small sizes
Blue whiting fishery to October inclusive
Redfish of the Irminger Sea to October inclusive
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries to October
South Atlantic Fisheries to October
Outlook for November
Inshore/offshore newbuildings for Murmansk to start fishing on the Caspian Sea
Ship repair yard SRZ-2 up for sale
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Russia and Norway set TACs 2004 for jointly managed stocks
Moscow and St Petersburg frozen fish market in November
TAC forecast confirming downward trends for Alaska pollack and crabs
Frozen foods group to capture big share of Russian shrimp market
Leading shrimp manufacturer succeeds in raising cash for big purchases of raw material
Norway joins the race for Russian shrimp market
Souring tin cost driving growth of canned fish prices
Fast growth of seafood output in Vladivostok-led Primoriye
Poor outlook for autumn capelin supply
Murmansk suffering from port handling bottleneck
Poor catches reduce supply of Caspian roach and sprat
Difficult take-off for Murmansk cod farm
Murmansk decides on the list of species for breeding
BioMar expanding sales of fish feeds in Russia
VNIRO scientists developed process for farming Black Sea turbot
Krasnoyarsk taking steps to conserve Yenisei sturgeon brood stock
Record yield of salmon roe at Amur hatchery
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2: November overview of wholesale prices

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