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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №10 (85) October 1, 2003

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Russia’s seafood industry gearing up for business boom
Big Russian investors turn to fishery industry
Strategic plan published
Resource fees passed in second reading
Rules for sale and use of quotas as collateral to be ready by November
New appointments in State Fishery Committee
Consortium’s largest firm run by Moscow managers
Giant combine constructing largest wholesale fish market
Schaller makes big strides of expansion on the Russian market
Less than 20 hours to deliver seafood from USA to Moscow customers
Japanese producer selling frozen sushi on the Russian market
Major Kamchatka group Iyanin Kutkh commissioning modern factory in Moscow
Growing demand boosts Moscow caviar processor
Sakhalin concern producing seafood in Moscow region
Fast rise of Kamchatka-based Samotlor-ryba on home and export markets
Value-added business launching production of pasteurised canned fish
Russian Far East fishery statistics for nine months
Gain in pollack fishery growing
230,000 tonne salmon catch tends to serve the domestic market
Slowdown for the month still leaves herring ahead
Pacific cod harvest improving
Greenland halibut fishery develops downward trend
Crab harvest diminishing
Whelk fishery catching up
Squid and miscellaneous fisheries in the Kurile to September
Saury catch ahead in spite of late start of the season
RFE shrimp catch halved
Mixed bottom fish operations to September
Mixed fisheries in the Sea of Japan to September
Cod and haddock fishery in step with last year
Rules cause failure to cover plaice TAC
Shrimp fishery subsiding due to seasonal reasons
Herring quotas nearly exhausted
Blue whiting harvest 20% up
Redfish of the Irminger Sea to September
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries to September
South Atlantic Fisheries to September
Outlook for October
New seiner design bidding for a series of 12
Norway allocating a grant for small boat construction
New series of trawl manufacturer succeeds on distant grounds
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Herring moves best as frozen fish trade picks up in Moscow and St. Petersburg
RFE: supply outlook for fourth quarter
Smaller herring TAC to result in no major ripples in the supply
Nakhodka keeps export leadership despite dwindling sales
Russian intensive culture switching to more valuable fish
Mixed fortunes of Russian sturgeon farming
Russians to speed up maturation of sturgeon hybrids
Largest caviar operation grows young sturgeons for export
Russian pond culture back on track to recovery
Russian yard exporting second floating farm
Appendix 1. Results of quota auction held on 26 September 2003
Appendix 2. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 3: October overview of wholesale prices

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