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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №8 (83) August 1, 2003

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Government on schedule towards final policy for the industry
Scientists objecting to privatisation of fishery research institutes
Kamchatka fishery industry on the rise
Catch in Ladoga rising in spite of dwindling stocks
Russian seafood industry dominated by private capital
Healthier preservative for salmon caviar wins growing popularity
Russian trawlers sold by auction in Dalian
RUR 500 million in soft loans for buyers of fishing rights
Group to invest 5 million USD into Arkhangelsk fish plant
Leading processor expanding specialty shop in Murmansk
Murmansk launching modern facility to process Norwegian saithe
SP-Kholod to commission state-of-the-art factory near Moscow
Group receives ‘the best beer snack’award
Uralplastic expanding distribution network
Okhta provides modern packaging solutions for Russian processors
Agro-3 appointed authorised supplier of Webomatic
Russian group launching premium quality shrimps
Major fleet of Vladivostok pays first dividends
Subsidiary claims huge debt from parent Dalmoreproduct
July catch rise consolidating growth for seven months in the RFE
August developments in the RFE
Catch surging in the salmon fishery
Edge in pollack fishery close to 200,000 tonnes
Pacific cod harvest nearly halved
Greenland halibut catch stable
Assorted bottom fish operations centre on the Sea of Okhotsk
Slowdown in crab harvesting
RFE shrimp fishery behind last year
Whelk catches plunging
Squid and miscellaneous fisheries in the Kurile
Third quarter TAC forecast for the Russian Far East
Government displaying fast response to good sockeye runs
“Business” of Kamchatka salmon poachers complicated by airborne crackdown
Lag cleared in the North Basin cod fishery
Shrimp catches dwindling
Owners happy with blue whiting fishery
Distant fisheries focus on blue whiting, mackerel and herring
Herring fishery conducted on a limited scale
Good fishery in Rockall and Irminger Sea
Operations in the Northwest Atlantic (NAFO)
Good mackerel catches in South Atlantic
Outlook for Murmansk-based fleets in August
Launch of first trawler for Murnmansk paving way for a series of 20
Vyborg yard builds more for Norway
Naval yard completing hatchery unit for Norwegian customer
Arkhangelsk yard to build plastic boats
Vladivostok yards report growth of business
Vladivostok – built trawler goes on maiden trip
Russian engineers making breakthrough in the smoking oven efficiency
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Unusual heat delays next trading season in Moscow and St Petersburg
Surge of seafood shipment by rail from Vladivostok
Russia earns less from seafood exports to the USA
Seafood consumption set to grow in Russia
Moscow distributor boosting sale of ingredients for crabsticks
Kamchatka customs charges duties for crab glaze
Market bottleneck hampering development of pale urchin fishery
Russian export of sturgeon caviar to slump
Moscow farmers join stock to solve common problems
First sea cucumber hatchery opened in Primoriye
Murmansk salmon farm reports first harvest
Rostov factory resuming manufacture of sturgeon incubation plant
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2: August overview of wholesale prices

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