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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №7 (82) July 1, 2003

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August tender to draw curtain on quota auction era
Government prepares new draft of fishery law
Letter of 30 calls for auctions to stay
Poor foreign proceeds may trigger quota transfer to Russian operators
Greater spawning stock boosts hopes for growth of cod TAC
Think-tank calls for reduction of Okhotsk pollack TAC and shift of focus from roe fishery
Exporters Association elects ex-minister for President
Khabarovsk responds to shrinking catches by greater onshore processing
National Fish Resources to facilitate auction bidding for remote quota buyers
Case of crab quota abuse crumbling
Quality contest for the industry
Murmansk leading processor launching breaded fillets from fresh raw
Dalmoreproduct’s abortive receiver reinstalled by Court
First half of 2003 completed on a positive note
July outlook
Pollack catch 155,000 tonnes ahead of last year
Cod harvest accelerates to narrow the gap from last year
Greenland halibut catch down
Shrimp fishery stable
Crab harvest rising
Delayed start of salmon season
Salmon runs in East Kamchatka greater than predicted
Assorted bottom fish for human consumption
Squid catch 30,000 tonnes behind
Good catch rates in cod fishery make up for smaller fishing efforts
Shrimp catch landed to Norway
Distant fisheries focus on blue whiting, mackerel and herring
Good reports from Rockall and Irminger Sea
Halibut rates good, redfish operations successful in the Northwest Atlantic
Mixed reports from South Atlantic
Outlook for Murmansk-based fleets in July
Murmansk company stakes on fleet renewal
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Russian exports to Norway increasingly dominated by frozen cod/haddock
Exports of salmon to Russia displaying 10% rise
Summer puts frozen fish business in Moscow and St Petersburg on hold
Salmon roe in short supply on the domestic market
Blue and jack mackerel from New Zealand find growing market in Russia
Growing market on the Volga triggers production surge
Sturgeon stocks in the Caspian Sea rising
Good runs of transplanted pinks dangerous for wild Atlantic salmon
Farmer gearing up to cater for rising live fish demand in Moscow
Appendix 1. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 2. Results of July quota auctions
Appendix 3. Catches of finfish and non-finfish species in the Russian Far East in June and in the first half of 2002-2003, ‘000 metric tons
Appendix 4: Dynamics of Alaska pollack catches in different parts of the Sea of Okhotsk in 1995-2002, ‘000 metric tons
Appendix 5: Catches in the 1st quarter 1999-2003 broken down by species, ‘000 metric tons
Appendix 6: Free Pacific salmon quotas for commercial fishery by the companies of the Russian provinces adjacent to seacoast and the companies of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in 2002
Appendix 8: July overview of wholesale prices

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