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Publications / Russian Fish e-Monthly / №4 (79) April 1, 2003

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China and Russia discussing co-operation on distant grounds
Rise of interest in Russian market sparks off new seafood show in Moscow
Lower House completes first reading of resource fee addendum
Putin denies forthcoming liquidation of State Fisheries Committee
Research quotas still pending to hit TAC forecasts
Salmon e-commerce platform taking off in Moscow
Germans willing to invest 250 million euro in Murmansk inshore fisheries
Linked quotas rising to maintain growth of onshore processing
Norwegian vessels hired to ship Russian catches to Murmansk
Karelia’s growth leads to purchase of factories in St. Petersburg
Authorities tightening control of exports from fishing grounds
Kamchatka goes for crab stocks off Hawaii and Brazil
Kamchatka buys 130,000 tonnes of fishing quotas
Russian export products to be checked by French quality lab
Murmansk Fish Plant boosts freezing capacity by 80 tonnes per day
Consortium boosts in-house onshore processing
Committee’s business arm to control leading Arkhangelsk combine
Catch in Russian Far East 18% up, while fillets jump by 50%
Pollack season ends short of increased quota
Pollack roe production recorded at ca. 14,000 tonnes
Crab, shrimp and squid harvest show no improvement
Longliner catch rising
Bleak outlook for second quarter
Lagging cod catch aggravated by worsening situation
Murmansk shrimp catch stays poor
Capelin fishery hampered by rough seas
Spring-spawning herring season ending with small catch
Russians increasing efforts in blue whiting fishery
Northwest Atlantic fishery hit by late quotas
South Atlantic fishery displays acceptable margins
Cod outlook for April overshadowed by expected smaller catch rates
Winter season for transplanted crab ends in failure
Yard starts building shallow draft cutters for fishermen
Stocks, quotas, supplies, prices, new products, etc.
Improved supply in Moscow and St. Petersburg coinciding with starting seasonal slump
Russian exports to Korea hit 700,000 tonnes
Russia loosing Alaska pollack market to Americans
Salmon imports unchanged, herring down
Saithe finds good market in Russia
Pollack TAC to slump after rise
Quota auction hauls nearly $74 million for the government
Vladivostok gets 34,000 tonnes of quotas in the Japanese waters
Wholesale prices on the domestic market in 2002
Fillet prices surging in major freshwater fish region in 2002
Researchers produce long-term price outlook for domestic market
Russia develops market for fish products from distant grounds
Appendix 1. Details of quota auctions to be held on 11, 18, 19 April 2003
Appendix 2. Dynamics of wholesale prices of material and technical commodities, food products and fish items in 2002
Appendix 3. Dynamics of retail fish prices in Moscow in 2002
Appendix 4. Ratio of wholesale prices to retail prices in 2002 as broken down to quarters
Appendix 5. Producers’ prices and retail prices of fish products in the Caspian Basin in the fourth quarter of 2002 and their forecast for the first quarter of 2003
Appendix 6. Forecasted wholesale prices of fish products up to the year 2015, RUR per kilo, RUR per can
Appendix 7. Seafood production in the Russian Far East Fisheries Basin in 2002
Catches of all the commercial species as reported by the Union of fishery organizations based in the Far East of Russia
The Basin’s catch as broken down between the economic regions
Primorsky Krai
Seafood catches as broken down between the particular species
The value of commodity fish products based on the prices charged by the producers and wholesalers as reported by the Union of fishery organizations based in the Far East of Russia
The value of commodity fish products as broken down between the economic regions of the Russian Far East
Output of fish products for human consumption, canned inclusive
Output of fish products for human consumption as broken down between economic regions of the Russian Far East Basin
Canned fish production
Canned fish production as broken down between the economic areas of the Russian Far East
Canned fish production as in particular processed forms
Canned fishmeal production in the Russian Far East
Canned fishmeal production as broken down between the economic areas of the Russian Far East
Output of industrial fish products
Appendix 8. Dynamics of average prices per tonne of the auctioned quotas in 2001-2003
Appendix 9. Fairs and Exhibitions
Appendix 10. Results of the quota auction held on 11 April 2003
Appendix 11: April overview of wholesale prices

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